Cover from Estonia.

Another great cover from Estonia. Thank you, Kristiina.

Cover from Italy

Cover from Italy without postal cancellation. Thanks, micio.

Cover from USA

Cover from USA with some fruit stamps. Thanks, Dorin.

Cover from Bulgaria

Cover from Bulgaria with two beautiful bird stamps. Thanks, Lilia.

Cover from Singapore

Cover from Singapore with specail Christmas post marks. Thanks, Nick.

Greetings from Estonia

Two great covers from Estonia, Thanks Muhv.

Happy New Year 2009

Wish all have a great 2009.


Cover from Turkey

Cover from Turkey. Thanks, Ahmet.

Cover from Hong Kong

Nice cover, right? Thanks, Edward.


Cover from Finland

Cover from Finland. Thank you.

Cover from Australia.

My friend sent me this cover from Astralia with 2 frama postage labels. Thank you so much.

Cover from New Zealand

My friend sent me this cover from New Zealand. He affixed one stamp which shows Pete's post. Pete's Post is a New Zealand based company formed in 1999 to manage and seek opportunities for an alternative postal service within New Zealand. You can see its details in their websiate. http://www.petespost.co.nz/petespost/contents.htm.

Cover from Israel

My first letter from Israel, thank you.

Cove from France

I think this serial must be very popular in the world. Thank you, Thaddee.

Cover from Estonia

Nice cover from Estonia, thanks Pirjo.


Covers from USA

Covers from USA. Thanks, friends.

Covers from Malaysia

Two covers from Malaysia. Thanks, newrule.

Cover from Bulgaria

Nice cover from Sofia, Bulgaria. Thanks, Christina.

Cover from Kenya

Cover from Kenya, thanks.

Cover from Estonia

Cover from Estonia. thanks, Kristiina.

FDC from Hong Kong, Judiciary.

FDC from Hong Kong, thanks Edward.

Fun with stamps, SINGPEX 08

Fun with stamps. I like this slogan. Thanks, Liu.

FDC from Indonesia

A nice FDC from Indonesia, thanks my friend.


Cover from Italia

Nice cover from Italia, the post office just missed the stamp. Thanks, micio.

Cover from Belgium

Nice cover from Belgium. Thanks, Henri.


Bird stamp cover from Japan, Tufted Puffin

One of the waterbird series set, was issued in Jan-30-1992. Sent from Nemuro, Hokaiido where is the main habitat in Japan.

Nice cover tag from Estonia

The minisheet was issued in 2006 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first EUROPA stamps, really nice cover, thank you Kristiina.


Cover from Belarus

This is my first letter from Belarus, thanks.

Ship Models, Mauritius

A beautiful FDC sent from Mauritius, thanks, Miss Tasneem.

Covers from Italy

Covers from Italy, thanks, micio.

Cover from Czech with nice post mark.

Cover from Czech with special post mark which in comemorative the end of world war 1. Thanks, Ivan.

Christmas Island stamps from Australia

A cover from Australia affixed with 4 Christmas Island stamps. Thanks, Mr. Marsh.

Hong Kong and Korea joint issue, MASKS

FDC from H.K., Thanks, Edward.

Traditional Turkish Arts

Stamps was issued in 11-Sep-2008. Thank you, Mr. Demir.


Covers today

My first received cover from Greece.


Cover from G.B.

A postcrosser sent me this letter included one postcard. Thank you for let me know what the tower's real name is, Sandra.

Cover from New Zealand

This cover affixed one Ross Depdencey stamp and was sent from Christchurch, New Zealand. Thanks, Robin.

Jakarta 2008 stamp exhibition.

The 22th asian international stamp exhibition souvenic cover. Taiwan's participator also got some medals in this exhibition. Thanks, Hidayat.

Cover from Bulgaria

A nice cover from Bulgaria. It was sent in Oct-17 and arrived in Taipei in Nov-6. Just like my last post, this cover was from a letter tag in postcrossing forum. Hope there are more participator in that tag. Thanks, Lilia.


Cover from Malaysia

After so many days, there is a new letter coming in my mail box. It's from Malaysia. Thank you Charlie.


From N.Z.

It was sent from Edendale post centre with a special post cancellation on the date in 2 Oct 2008. Looks a little bit late. My friend wish me have more kinds of postal marks. Thanks, Mr. Marsh.

From Japan

Japan is our neighbor. But this is my first letter from Japan. There are always beautiful stamps issues in Japan. Thanks, Rieko.


Postcard from Finland

"Party" series. A very famous Finn disigner, Kustaa Saksi. Thanks Annette.