2010.12.17. Croatia - Fine Arts

Cover from Croatia with three beautiful fine art stamps. Thank you, Tomi.

2010.12.17. Malaysia - Greeting card

Greeting card from Malaysia. Wish all my friends a very Happy New Year 2011. Thank you, KKKhor.

2010.12.17. Germany - Mother Teresa

Street view of Bielefeld.
Cover from Bielefeld, Germany with two commemorative stamps. Thank you, Martin.

2010.12.17. China - 60th anniversary of harnessing the Huaihe river.

Registered cover from China. Four stamps was issued on 14.Oct.2010 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of harnessing the Huaihe river. Thank you, Wu.

2010.12.17. Australia - Bay of Fires

Cover from Australia posted on 10.12.2010. Bay of Fires has been named by guidebook publisher Lonely Planet as the top place to visit in 2009. Thank you, Naomi.

2010.12.14. Thailand - Bangkok 2003 Aerogramme

Aerogramme from Thailand. This aerogramme was issued for commemorative of Bangkok stamp exhibition 2003. Thank you, Jean Pierre.


2010.12.14. Malaysia - Pos Automated Machine

Cover from Malaysia. This poatage label was printed from Kuantan P.O.S. Thank you, KKKhor.

2010.12.14. Malaysia - Rantau Abang beach

Postcard from Terengganu, Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor.

2010.12.14. French Guiana - Blue Morpho

Cover from French Guiana posted on 1.12.2010. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2010.12.14. Algeria - Peregrine Falcon

Cover from Algeria posted on 23.11.2010. Two stamps were all issued on 2010. Thank you, Mr. Ouandjli.

2010.12.8. Myanmar - Protect the Ozone layer

Registered cover from Myanmar. Thank you, Aung Ko.

2010.12.8. India - Preserve the polar regions and glaciers

Cover from India posted on 27.11.2010. Thank you, Sauj.

2010.12.10. USA - Merry Christmas 2011

Cover from USA. Thank you, Candy.

2010.12.10. Finland - Europa 2005 Gastronomy

Cover from Finland posted on 3.12.2010 and affixed two definitive stamp and one Europa stamp which was issued on 2005. Thank you, Ivus.

2010.12.8. Japan - Season's Greeting 2011

Cover from Tokyo, Japan posted on 30.11.2010. Two stamps were issued on 8.11.2010 from a sheet of five stamps. Thank you, tinktink.


2010.12.3. Slovakia - Gothic Madonna from Lubica

FDC from Slovakia. The Parish church of Assumption of Virgin Mary in Lubica is the largest church from the group of so-called double-nave Spis churches and its architecture integrates several reconstructions. Thank you, Milos.

2010.12.3. Mauritius - Extinct Mauritian giant tortoises

Cover from Mauritius posted on 22.Nov.2010. The Rs 10 and 15 denomination stamps were issued on 2009. Thank you, Divid.


2010.12.3. Japan - 120th Anniversary of Parliment

FDC from Japan to celebrate the 120th anniversary of parliment. Thank you, Minoru.


2010.12.1. Myanmar - Protect the Ozone Layer

Cover from Yangon, Myanmar. Thank you, Ko.

2010.12.1. China - Labrang Monastery

Cover from Guangdon, China. Two stamps in the middle depict the Labrang Monastery. Thank you, WenHua.

2010.12.1. Estonia - Lighthouses

Cover from Estonia. Thank you, Trishka.

2010.12.1. Algeria - Falcons

Cover from Algeria with two kinds of falcon stamps. Thank you, Mr. Ouandjli.

2010.12.1. Malaysia - One Malaysia

Cover from Malaysia. Thank you, nurul.

2010.12.1. Germany - Christmas 2011

Cover from Germany with new Christmas stamps. Thank you, Martin.

2010.12.1. Estonia - Treasures

FDC from Estonia. Starting from this year Estonian Post in cooperation with the Estonian Art Museum will launch a series of stamps devoted to Estonian art, From the Treasury of the Estonian Art Museum. In the future one stamp of the series will be issued on every 17th November. The author of the painting Lennuk (1910, actually a sketch for a major mural) is Nikolai Triik, who was enthusiastic about military campaigns and the romantic life of the Vikings while working at the sketch. Reading the epic poem Kalevipoeg and its Song XII, Voyage to the End of the World, with the eye of a symbolist, the artist intensified the mystic subject-matter by simplified form and contrast of bright colours. The red sail of the silver ship is a symbol of sunlight. The arch of the rainbow above it is repeated as a glow above the island of the Lapp wizard, Varrak, on the left and above the demons’ Island of Sparks on the right. The Art Nouveau tempera painting of three parts is associated with the work of Gerhard Munthe, Akseli GallĂ©n-Kallela and Nikolai Roerich, National Romantic painters of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, who served as examples for Triik. Thank you, Pirjo.

2010.12.1. Japan - Season's greeting 2011

Two covers from Japan with the latest issue of season's greetings stamps. Thank you, Minoru.


2010.11.29. India - Postage stamp of princely states

Two very beautiufl covers form India. The cover on above using a mini-sheet which to commemorate the 2010 commonwealth game in Delhi. And the cover on below using another mini-sheet which features the postage stamps on different state in India postal history. Thank you, Sauj.

2010.11.29. Hong Kong - Redevelopment of old areas

Official FDC from Hong Kong. Thank you, Brian.

2010.11.29. UK - Endangered birds

Cover from England. The bird stamp was from a set of ten stamps issued on Sep, 2007 and this one features the Cirl Bunting, an endangered bird in UK. Thank you, Raymond.

2010.11.29. Malaysia - Malacca

Postcard from Malacca, Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor.

2010.11.25. Myanmar - The multi-party democracy elections

Cover from Myanmar. This issue was to celebrate the success of election on 7.Nov.2010. and the official name of the country changed to "Republic of the Union of Myanmar". Also, its denomination is 500 kyat and this is the highest denomination in Myanmar postal history. The official exchange rate in Myanmar, 1 US dollar is equal to 7 kyat, that's mean this one stamp cost about 70 US dollars. That's really expensive. Anyway, I am very glad my friend sent me this cover. Thank you, Aung Ko.

2010.11.23. Hong Kong - Redevelopment of Old Areas

FDC from Hong Kong. This set of four stamps featuring four major renewal strategies - rehabilitation, revitalisation, preservation and redevelopment - presents the way foward in the regeneration of the old urban areas. Thank you, Edward.


2010.11.19. Slovakia - Christmas 2010

FDC from Slovakia. Thank you, Milos.

2010.11.19. Malysia - One Malaysia

FDC from Ipoh, Malaysia. Thank you KKKhor.

2010.11.19. China - Shangri-La

Cover from China. This set of stamps were released on 13.Sep.2010 depict the very beautiful scenery of Shangrila, a fantastic dream place. In 2001, China government assigned the Zhongdian county, Yunnan province as the Shangrila country.

2010.11.17. Indonesia - Provincial Flora Fauna 2010

Two covers from Indonesia. Since 2008, the Indonesia post has issued the series of Provincial Flora and Fauna postage stamps. This is the 2010 edition and also the last edition. Thank you, Hidayat.

2010.11.17. France - Paris

FDC from Paris, France. These stamps depict the most famous sights in Paris. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2010.11.12. U.S.A. - Seabiscuit

Cover from USA. This is a stamped envelope and affixed many stamps on it. Sender didn't wrote his/her address on this cover. Please write me a message to my e-mail, thank you.

2010.11.12. South Africa - Cape Town

Postcard from South Africa posted on 31.Oct.2010. Thank you, Bruce.


2010.11.12. France - Paris

Cover from France posted on the first issue day of the stamp. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2010.11.12. Myanmar - View of Yangon

Postcard from Myanmar.