2011.2.1. USA - American film actor and actress.

Cover from USA. Three stamps depict famous actor and actress of American film and TV. Thank you, Candy.

2011.2.1. Mauritius - Indigenous flowers

Cover from Mauritius. The stamp on above depicts the first stamp in Maritius and the other one featured the indigenous flower in Mauritius Roussea simplex. Thank you, David.

2011.2.1. Slovakia - Internatonal year of Chemistry

FDC from Slovakia. The International Year of Chemistry 2011 (IYC 2011) is a worldwide celebration of the achievements of chemistry and its contributions to the well-being of humankind. Under the unifying theme “Chemistry—our life, our future,” IYC 2011 will offer a range of interactive, entertaining, and educational activities for all ages. The Year of Chemistry is intended to reach across the globe, with opportunities for public participation at the local, regional, and national level. Thank you, Milos.

2011.2.1. Japan - Year of Rabbit

Cover from Japan. Thank you, Mr. Tanabe.


2011.1.28. TAAF - Adelie Land

Postcard from Dumont D'urville, located in Antarctica. It spent 3 months on its very long journey to Taiwan. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2011.1.28. U.A.E. - Yas Marina Circuit

Cover from U.A.E. Two stamps depict the famous spots in U.A.E. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2011.1.28. Qatar - 50th Anniversary of OPEC

Cover from Doha, Qatar posted on 22.Jan.2011. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2011.1.28. Myanmar - The 63th Independence Day

Cover from Myanamr. The stamp was to celebrate the 63th Myanmar indenpence day. According to the official money exchange rate in Myanmar, this stamp cost 15 US dollars, really very high denomination. Thank you, Aung Ko.

2011.1.28. Malaysia - Children's pets

FDC from Malaysia. Rabbits, cats and dogs not only children's pets but also everyone's pets. Thank you, Khor.

2011.1.28. Greece - Crete

Postcard from a Greece.

2011.1.28. Australia - Year of the Rabbit

Cover from Australia posted on 21.Jan.2011. Thank you, Mr. Soule.


2011.1.26. Ukraine - Lighthouses

Cover from Ukraine with two lighthouse stamps. Thank you, Volodymyr.

2011.1.26. Malaysia - Kambing Gurun

Cover from Malaysia. Two stamps depict malaysian native goat. Thank you, KKKhor.

2011.1.21. Netherland - Texel

Postcard form the Netherlands.

2011.1.21. Ukraine - National Natural Park "Syjati gory"

Cover from Ukraine and beautiful mini-sheet enclosed. Thank you, Sergey.

2011.1.21. Japan - Nagoya public Aquarium

Postcard from Japan features the view of Nagoya public Aquarium. Thank you, Minoru.

2011.1.21. Malaysia - Submarine

Cover from Malaysia posted on 11 Jan.2011. Thank you, KKKhor.

2011.1.18. Malaysia - Children's games

Cover from Malaysia. Thank you, newrule.

2011.1.18. India - Traditional dance

Cover from India affixed a beautiful mini-sheet which features the traditional dance of India and Mexico. Thank you, Sauj.

2011.1.18. Estonia - New Definitives

FDC from Estonia with new set of definitives featuring new Euro denominations. Thank you, Pirjo.

2011.1.18. Estonia - Estonia joining the Eurozone

FDC from Estonia to celerbrate joining the Eurozone. Thank you, Pirjo.


2011.1.18. Brazil - Bats

Cover from Brazil with four very special bat-shape stamps. Thank you, Rafael.

2011.1.18. China - Year of Rabbit

Cover from China. My second cover with "Year of Rabbit" stamp in 2011. Thank you, Wu.

2011.1.18. Germany - Motives of Loriot

Two covers from Germany with complete set of welfare stamps of 2011. Above one were sent in the first issue day and below one was posted on 10.Jan.2011. This set of stamp depicts a very famous cartoon film in Germany. Thank you, Martin.

2011.1.14. USA - Michigan seasons

Postcard from USA depicts four seasons in Michigan.

2011.1.14. Thailand - Phra Ram Ratchniwes Palace

Postcard from Thailand with new rabbit year stamps. Thank you, Terdsak.

2011.1.14. Malaysia - Plants

Cover from Malaysia affixed many definitives depict various of plant in Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor.

2011.1.8. Japan - Spring's greeting

Cover from Japan with one spring's greeting stamp which was issued on 25.Jan.2010. from a set of 5 stamps. Thank you, Mr. Tanabe.

2011.1.8. Argentina - Christmas

Cover from Argentina. Two christmas stamps were issued on 2009 and 2010. Thank you, German.

2011.1.8. Russia - Icebreakers

Cover from Russia with a mini-sheet about three kinds of icebreaker between in different age. Thank you, Mrs. Galina.

2011.1.8. Philippines - Christmas Eve

Cover form Philippines. For Filipinos, Christmas Eve ("Bisperas ng Pasko") on December 24 is celebrated with the Midnight Mass, and immediately after, the much-anticipated Noche Buena – the traditional Christmas Eve feast. Family members dine together at around midnight on traditional fare. Some families would also open presents at this time. Thank you, Anette.