2010.4.27. Italy - Romanesque art in Abruzzo

Cover from Italy. The stamp and mini sheet presents the basilica of Santa Mary of Collemaggio in L'Aquila, central Italy. The first issue day was in 10-Feb-2010. Thank you, Verga.


2010.4.27. Japan - Celebrating the 1300th anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo Capital in 2010

"Celebrating the 1300th anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo Capital in 2010".
First date of issue:23.Apr.2010.
FDC from Nagoya, Japan affixed one of ten set issue "Celebrating the 1300th anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo capital in 2010" and with special cancellation. There are more information in official wed site. Thank you, Mr. Tanabe.


2010.4.16. San Marino - Tower and panorama

Beautiful postcard from San Marino, a new place I got for my collection. Thank you, Jean-Pierre.

2010.4.16. Qatar - Mus'haf

My first item from Qatar sent by an ICCC menber. Thank you, Gleen, for the wonderful booklet of "Birds of Qatar" enclosed.

2010.4.16. Indai - Traditional Indian Textiles

Beautiful cover from India with the same issue on official cover. Stamps was issued in 10.Dec.2009 indiacted four methods of traditional textiles in India. Thank you again, sauj.

2010.4.16. India - 25 Anniversary of S.P.G.

Nice cover from India affixed the SPG (the special protection group) issued in 30.3.2010. Thank you, sauj.


2010.4.13. Japan - Spotted Seal

Cover from Japan. 80 Yen stamp was issued in 1997.5.1. Thank you, Mr. Tanabe.

2010.4.2. India - Traditional Indian textiles

Nice cover from India with 4 types of traditional Indian textiles stamps. Thank you, Dr. P.G.

2010.4.2. Czech - BRUNCVIK

Nice cover from Czech. Thank you, Mr. Pinkava.

2010.4.2. Estonia - St Catherine’s of Pärnu

FDC from Estonia. Thank you, Pirjo.
In 1760 Catherine II of Russia decided to build an Orthodox church in Pärnu. She trusted the work to Pyotr Yegorov, an architect of Chuvash descent, for whom it was the first independent project. Building work started in 1764 and St Catherine’s of Pärnu, one of the most stylish and sumptuous Baroque churches in Estonia was inaugurated in 1768. It has Greek cross ground plan with an elegant belfry and several other slender towers. The fa?ade has a rich repertory of elements of decor – cornices, frontals etc. The church is an outstanding building in Pärnu’s historical centre.

2010.4.8. Slovakia - 400th Anniversary of the Zilina Synod

FDC from Slovakia. Thank you, Mr. Revilak.

2010.4.13. France - Sylvain et Sylvette & Garfield

COver from France with 3 cartoon stamps. Thank you, Eleonore.


2010.4.8. Brazil - Centenary of the Sport Club International

Cover from Brazil. Thank you, Rafeal.

2010.4.9. Germany - Athletics World Championships Berlin 2009

Cover sent from Germany. Right stamp presents "short run" was issued in 9-Apr-2009 and the middle one presents "Steeplechase" was issued in 7-Apr-2010. Thank you, Martin.
Introduction from Deutsche post website: The special stamps in the series "For the sport" appear with surcharges for the German Sports Aid Foundation. The motives of the four year's sports brands are the "athletics championships in Berlin" dedicated.
Even today, the 100-meter final is one of the most exciting and most popular disciplines of athletics. One of the most prominent German 100-meter runner, Armin Hary, the Olympic champion of Rome 1960th.


2010.4.2. Malaysia - Local Markets

FDC from Malaysia. Thank you, Kok Keong.

2010.4.2. Netherland - Tintin on the Moon

Nice cover form Netherlands. Thank you, Paul.


2010.3.30. China - Embroidery House.

Postcard from China presents Embroidery House in Xidi, Anhui Province. Thank you, Jiaqi.

2010.3.30. Vietnam - Come back home

Postcard from Vietnam presents coming back home. Thank you, Jo.

2010.3.30. T.A.A.F. - Evolution of transportation

Evolution of transportation in Polar region.
Postcard from T.A.A.F. with 3 vehicles stamp. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.

2010.3.30. Israel - Maritime Archeology in Israel

Issue day: 26/11/2009. Stamp name:Weapons.
Cover from Israel. The middle one was issued in 08/05/2006 in celebrating 50 years of Tel Aviv Universit, then left one was issue in 25/7/2006 in commemorative the 100 Years of Religious Zionist Education. Thank you, Mr. Shabtay.