A letter from HONG KONG

I haven't received any latter these days. This letter was received from a friend who lives in H.K. Maybe I need to send more covers but where I have to send?


From Egypt

I had sent a FDC to Egypt in Apr and didn't get any response in few month later, I thought it might be lost. Today, I received a letter from Egypt and it made me surprised. Sometimes we have to wait and good news will come.


From Finland

I had received many postcards from Finland by postcrosser, but this is my first letter from there. It used 4 stamps on it, all have ages. There are 1 special stamp on this envelope, Aland stamp. It was issued on 1989. Thanks, Mr. Hyppia.

New FDC from Indonesia

Today I received 3 letters. 2 from Indonesia and 1 from Finland. The Indonesia Traditional Foods FDC was issued in 6-Jul-08 and PON 2008 was issued in 5-Jul-08.


Cover from Česko

Cover from Česko with two stamps. The right WWF one was issued in 19-Jun-2002 and the butterfly is Large Blue. The left one was issued in 2007.


A postcard from Poland

A postcrosser sent to me. It's my first postcard from Poland. It shows the best know bridge in Wroclaw, called Grunwaldzki Bridge. Thank you, Joanna. Wish you have a great summer holiday.

Second cover from LCC.

This is my second cover from LCC member. It was sent from France. Beautiful stamp and postmark.

From Philippines

A cover from Philippines. There are four stamps on the envelope. On the right above was issued on 22-Jul-1995, to celebrate 50th anniversary of catholic bishops conference of the philipines. The right lower was issued on 5-Oct-1995, to recored the total eclipse of the Sun. The other two was issued on 2007. Thank you, Ray.

Giant Panda - Hong Kong

Le Le and Ying Ying, a pair of giant panda as a gift from China government in celebration of the 10th anniversary of HONG KONG return to China.