2011.6.9. Estonia - European Hare

FDC from Estonia depicts the Lepus europaeus. Thank you, Pirjo.

2011.6.9. Hong Kong - 150th Anniversary of HKGCC

Official FDC from Hong Kong. Thank you, Brian.

2011.6.9. P.R.China - Tsinghua University centenary celebration.

Cover from China. Thank you, Wu.

2011.6.7. Japan - International postal card

International postal card from Japan. Thank you, Minoru.

2011.6.7. India - Sparrow & Pigeon

Cover from India with special bird pictorial cancellation. Thank you, Saujanya.

2011.6.7. Estonia - Europa 2004 Holiday

Cover from Estonia using a 2004 Europa stamp and three old stamps. Thank you, Trishka.

2011.6.1. Hong Kong - 150th Anniversary of GCC

Two FDCs from Hong Kong with official commemorate postal cancellations. Thank you, Alan.

2011.6.1. UK - Morris & Company

Cover from Bath, U.K. with two stamps that was issued in 5th.5.2011. present the beautiful works of the Morris & Company. There are two special stamps on left depict the first postal cancellations using in 1840 in Bath post office. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2011.6.1. Hong Kong - 150th Anniversary of HKGCC

Registered FDC from H.K. to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Hong Kong gerenal chamber of commerce estabilished in 1861. Thank you, Edward.

2011.6.1. China - 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

FDC from P.R.China in celebrating the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Thank you, Wu.


2011.6.1. Japan - International Year of Forest

Cover from Japan. Two stamps was from a set of ten sheet stamps to celebrate the 2011 international year of forest. Thank you, Minoru.

2011.6.1. New Zealand - Whale

Cover from New Zealand. Thank you, Nilo.

2011.5.30. Indonesia - Space and Internet

Two covers from Indonesia. These two set of stamp were issued in 21.4.2011. Thank you, Hidayat.

2011.5.30. India - Traditional Dancing

Cover from India. Two stamps show you different traditional dance in Mexico and India. Thank you, friend.

2011.5.30. Algeria - Islamic Culture

Cover from Algeria. Two stamps were commemorated islamic culture in Tlemcen and a GNL16 conference. Thank you, Hocine.


2011.5.24. Tanzania - Calanthe rosea

Cover from Tanzania. My first cover from this African country. Thank you, Asgarali.

2011.5.24. Japan - Pine and flowers painting

Cover from Japan with two old painting picture stamps. Thank you, Minoru.

2011.5.24. Italy - Forests

Cover from Italy affixed set of two 2011 Europa stamps. Thank you, Matteo.

2011.5.20. Estonia - Struve Geodetic Arc

FDC from Estonia. This souvenir sheet was to commemorate the Struve Geodetic Arc. Thank you, Pirjo.

2011.5.20. Canada - Pow-wow Dancer

Cover from Canada. Thank you, Maryam.

2011.5.20. Slovenia - Custom foods

Cover from Slovenia. Two stamps depict typical dishes. Thank you, Polona.


2011.5.20. Italy - Venice

Postcard from Venezia, Italia posted on 10.5.2011.

2011.5.18. Thailand - Cassia flowers

Cover from Thailand with the same five stamps that were issued in 2010-08-12 from a definitive issue named "Symbols of the Nation". Thank you, Terdsak.

2011.5.18. Honk Kong - 2000 Olympic games

Cover from Hong Kong affixed two stamps that were commemorated the 2000 Olympic games. Thank you, Alan.

2011.5.18. Fiji - Viti Levu Rail

Registered cover from Fiji with three stamps depict Viti Levu Rail. This is my first snail mail from Fiji. Thank you, Edward.

2011.5.18. Germany - Europa 2011 Forests

Cover from Germany affixed two 2011 europa stamps. Thank you, Martin.

2011.5.18. Croatia - 700th Anniversary of the Orde of Poor Clares in Split

Cover from Croatia. Four stamps are all related to religion. Thank you, Tomislav.

2011.5.18. China - EXPO 20110 Xi An

Registered cover from China. Two stamps was to commemorate 2011 The International Horticultural Exposition. Thank you, Wu.

2011.5.12. Ukraine - Ayu-Dag Mountain

Postcard from Ukraine presents view of Ayu-Dag Mountain.

2011.5.12. London - Tower Bridge

London Tower Bridge postcard but sent from U.S.A.

2011.5.12. Mayotte - Bee Eater

Cover from Mayotte with three stamps issued in 2011. On 31 March 2011, Mayotte became an overseas department of France. Mayotte will be no more stamp issue after that day. Thnak you, Jean Pierre.


2011.5.12. India - Umrao Kunwar Ji "Archana"

FDC from India. The stamp was to commemorate Umrao Kunwar Ji ‘Archana’, an author in India. Thank you, Sauj.

2011.5.12. U.K. - Stamp Exhibition 1980 London

Cover from England with a souvenir sheet which was issued in 9. Apr. 1980. Thank you, Laura.

2011.5.12. Estonia - Europa 2011

FDC from Estonia. Thank you, Pirjo.