2010.5.26. Turkey - Europa 2010

Cover from Turkey affixed set of Europa 2010. Thank you, Ahmet.

2010.5.21. Canada - Centenary of Canadian Navy

Beautiful postcard from Canada affixed two completed set of this new issue. Thank you, Jimbo & Gus.

2010.5.21. Malaysia - Firefly

Official FDC from Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor.

2010.5.25. Italy - Rhaetian Railway in the Albula / Bernina

FDC sent from Italy. The stamp was to commemorate the centenary of the RhB in the Albula and Bernina. Thank you, Fabio.

2010.5.25. Japan - National Land Afforestation 2010 edition

Complete sheet. First issue date:21.05.2010.
FDC from Japan. "National Land Afforestation" is an annual issue. Thank you, Mr.Tanabe.


2010.5.25. Italy - EUROPA 2010

Europa 2010 cover from Italy. Thank you, Fabio.


2010.5.21. USA - Abstrac Expressionists

On March 11, 2010, in Buffalo, New York, the Postal Service™ issued a 44–cent, Abstract Expressionists commemorative stamp in ten designs, designed by Ethel Kessler of Bethesda, Maryland
In celebration of the abstract expressionist artists of the 20th Century, Art Director Ethel Kessler and noted Art Historian Jonathan Fineberg (Gutgsell Professor Art History, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign) selected ten paintings to feature on this colorful pane of self–adhesive stamps. Kessler used elements from Barnett Newman’s Achilles (1952) to frame the stamps. The arrangement of the stamps suggests paintings hanging on a gallery wall. For design purposes, the sizes of the stamp are not in relative proportion to the paintings. The pane also features selvage text and a quotation by Robert Motherwell. Each stamp includes the artist’s name and verso text that identifies the painting and briefly tells something about the artist.

List of Stamp Artwork
  • The Golden Wall (1961) — Hans Hofmann (1880–1966)
  • Romanesque Façade (1949) — Adolph Gottlieb (1903–1974)
  • Orange and Yellow (1956) — Mark Rothko (1903–1970)
  • The Liver Is the Cock’s Comb (1944) — Arshile Gorky (1904–1948)
  • 1948–C (1948) — Clyfford Still (1904–1980)
  • Asheville (1948) — Willem de Kooning (1904–1997)
  • Achilles (1952) — Barnett Newman (1905–1970)
  • Convergence (1952) — Jackson Pollock (1912–1956)
  • Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 34 (1953–1954) — Robert Motherwell (1915–1991)
  • La Grande Vallée 0 (1983) — Joan Mitchell (1925–1992)
Thank you, Candy.

2010.5.19. Hong Kong - London 2010 philatelic exhibition

Official FDC from U.K.
Cover from Hong Kong to celebrate London 2010 International Philatelic Exhibition. Thank you, Brian.

2010.5.19. India - Indira Gandhi

Domestic-gramme from India. It's for inland use released in 2008, need to use additional postage to count it into international aerogramme. Thank you, Dr. P.G.

2010.5.19. Malaysia - Firefly

Cover from Malaysia affixed complete set of new issue "Firefly". Thank you, newrule.

2010.5.19. Japan - Year of Tiger

Cover from Japan with a minisheet "New Year Greeting". Thank you, Hide.

2010.5.21. Japan - Residence of Japan

Cover from Japan. The 80 yen stamps issued in 23.2.1998. One set of two stamp " Residence of Japan Series 2". Thank you, Mr. Tanabe.

2010.5.19. France - Colmar and Villeneuve-lez-Avignon

Cover from France. Two stamps were released in April 2010.
The right one, In 2010, Colmar welcomes Spring philatelic exhibition. The House of heads and a view of Little Venice are two emblematic of the city, illustrate the stamp issued on this occasion. The left one issued in 19.4.10. featuring the overlooking the Villeneuve-lez-Avignon, Fort St. Andre, high in the second half of the 14th century is one of the finest examples of medieval fortification. Thank you, Eleonore.


2010.5.21. China - Mount Wuyi

Cover from China with a set se-tenant stamp of Mount Wuyi. Mount Wuyi is lacated in Fujian province. Thank you, Wu.

2010.5.21. Slovakia - EUROPA 2010

Europa FDC from Slovakia. Thank you, Milos.

2010.5.19. Estonia - EUROPA 2010

FDC from Estonia. The theme of 2010 EUROPA "Children's Book". Thank you, Pirjo.

2010.5.14. Myanmar - Ananda Temple

Postcard from Myanmar. Thank you, Aung Ko.

2010.5.14. Croatia - Croatian Ethnographic Heritage

Beautiful cover from Croatia with whole set "Croatian Ethnographic Heritage". This set was issue in 30-Sep-2008. Thank you, Tomislav.

2010.5.14. France - AROGON ET L'ART MODERNE

Cover from Frence with special cancellation "AROGON ET L'ART MODERNE". In this envelope, it shows a photo of Gorges de l'Allier. Thank you, friend.

2010.5.14. French Polynesia - Year of Tiger

Beautiful postcard from Papeete, French Polynesia. Thank you, friend.

2010.4.27. Russia - 50th Anniversary of Strategic Rocket Forces foundation

Cover from Russia last month. At first, I couldn't find any information about stamps on this cover because I can't read russian. Thanks a friend who live in Belarus help me to translate these stamps. On this cover left side, the bronze statue called Bronze Horseman. Thank you, friend.


2010.5.15. Russia - Moscow

Postcard from Russia. Featuring some beautiful sights of Moscow.

2010.5.14. USA - Cowboys

Cowboys from USA. Thank you, Robert.

2010.5.12. India - Postal Stationery

Postal cover from India. Outer this cover affixed 5 definitive stamps released during 2008, and cover was released in 1993. Thank you, Dr. P.G.

2010.5.14. Greece - Sights on stamp

Cover from Greece affixed many beautiful sights of Greece. Thank you, sofia.

2010.5.15. Germany - Bielefeld

Nice cover and postcard from Bielefeld, Germany. Thank you, Martin.


2010.5.5. Vatican - EUROPA 2008

Beautiful postcard from Vatican City. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2010.5.5. Hong Kong - 2010 Shanghai EXPO

Official cover and postmark. Thank you, Brian.
FDC from H.K. to celebrate "2010 Shanghai EXPO". Thank you, Edward.

2010.5.5. Estonia - Suurupi Leading Light Lighthouses

FDC from Estonia. Two stamps depict two lighthouse in Suurupi Peninsula. Thank you, Pirjo.

2010.5.5. Ukraine - Wildlifes

Natural Reserve " Horhany". Date of issue:29-09-2009.
Cover from Ukraine affixed some wildlife stamps issued in 1999, 2006, 2009.

2010.5.5. Czech - The Křivoklátsko region - a UNESCO biosphere reserve

The miniature sheet of 4 stamps and 4 coupons features the diversity of the night-time forest beauty of the Křivoklátsko biosphere reserve.
Beautiful cover from Czech. This is a part of minisheet issued in 2.9.2009.


2010.4.30. Myanmar - Diamond Jubilee of Yangon University

Cover form Myanmar. Stamp on right above was issue in 1995 to celebrate the "Diamond Jubilee of Yangon University".Thank you, Aung Ko.


2010.4.27. Myanmar - Auspicious Drum

Postcard from Myanmay. Thank you, Aung Ko.