2010.1.15. Switzerland - Winter view of Bern

Beautiful postcard from Switzerland. Post this postcard just because I really like this one.
This is the last materials that I got in 15-Jan. Will post others which arrived in 22-Jan next couple day. Thanks all my friends.

2010.1.15. Croatia - Freshwater Fishes

Nice cover from Croatia with whole set of "Freshwater Fish" which was issued in 1-Sep-2009. Thank you, Tomislav.

2010.1.15. India - Christmas

Cover from India dated in 31-Dec-2009. Thank you, Saravanan.

2010.1.15. India - Landmark Bridges of India

Cover from India sent in 2-Jan-2010. Thank you, sauj.

2010.1.15. Italy - 130th ann. of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Italy

Nice cover from Italy. Without datecancellation seems normal in the covers from Italy. This minisheet was issued in 22-Oct-2009. Thank you, Fabio.

2010.1.15 Germany - 1100 years of Limburg an der Lahn

Nice cover from Germany affixed 2 latest new issues, the 0.45 euro one is "200 years Museum of Natural History of Berlin", both was issued in 2-Jan-2010. Thank you, Gabis.

2010.1.15. Indonesia - Joint issue with Iran

Nice cover form Indonesia. The first issue day was 18-12-2009. Thanks, Hidayat.


2010.1.15. Greece - Lighthouses

Handmade cover exchange from Greece. Thank you, Ira.

2010.1.15. Singapore - Year of Tiger

Year of Tiger FDC from Singapore. Thank you, Xukai.

2010.1.15 China - Year of Tiger

Two year of Tiger FDC from China, one from Guandong, another from Jiangsu. Thank you, DJK and Xukai.

2010.1.8. Switzerland - Old Trees

Date of issue : 08.05.2009Cover from Swiss affixed 1 of a set of 3 old tree stamps. Thank you, zasa.

2010.1.8 Switzerland - Rock Thrush

Cover from Swiss. Thank you, Vural.


2010.1.8. Germany - Motosports

Cover from Germany. Thank you, gabis.

2010.1.8. Portugal - Carolina Beatriz Angelo

Cover from Portugal. Thank you, marklaro.

2010.1.8. India - Greetings

Greetings cover from India. Thank you, Sir.

2010.1.8. India - Horses

Cover from India. Thanks my friend.

2010.1.8. India - 60 Years of the Commonwealth

Cover form India sent in 19.Dec.2009. Thank you, sauj.


2009.12.31. TAAF - Kergurlen

Nice cover from Kergurlen, one island of TAAF. Posted on 2-Sep-2009 and arrived Taipei in 31-Dec-2009, totally spent 3 months. Very special collection for me. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.

2009.12.31. USA

Nice cover circuit from USA. Thank you, friend.

2009.12.31 Liechtenstein - Princley Treasures

Nice cover from Liechtenstein. The right side stamp from a set of 3 featuring Princley Treasures issued in 4-Nov-2009. Thank you, Vural.

2009.12.31 India - Taj Mahai

Cover from India with colourful stamps. Thank you, friend.

2009.12.31 France - Wild Animals

Nice cover from France sent by LCC menber. Thank you, friend.

2009.12.31 Estonia - International Children's Day

Nice cover with a greeting card from Estonia. The stamps was issue in 1st-Jun-2005 to celebrate children's day. Thank you, Kristiina.

2009.12.31 Hong Kong - Postage label

Hong Kong new print postage label began to use in 7-Dec-2009. Only can be use in post office counter. Thank you, Eaward.

2009.12.31 Malaysia - Automated Machine label

Cover from Malaysia affixed new PAM postage label. Thank you, Kok Keong.

2009.12.04 Tahiti - Postcard

Postcard from Tahiti. The weather in many places are extreme bad recently. Wish all my friends will be alright. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.


2009.12.25. Hong Kong - Stonecutters bridge

FDC from Hong Kong. Thank you, Brian.

2009.12.25 Malaysia - Spiders

Nice cover from Malaysia affixed complete set of new spider stamps. Thank you, kok keong.

2009.12.31 SP & M - Le port de St-PIERRE bloque bar les glaces

New FDC from SP & M. Very wonderful collection. Thank you, my friend.

2009.12.25 Tunisia - Amphora

My first cover form Tunisia. The stamp outer this cover was issued in 2004 with another 5 in the same series. Thank you, Jean-Marc.

2009.12.25 Singapore - postcard

A beautiful postcard from Singapore. Thank you, my friend.

2009.12.25 Myanmar

Cover from Myanmar. According to the number 101.50 on the bottom of the cover, I think that is the postage of this cover. So, the stamp on this cover sould be 100K because I found another 2K postage stamp on its back. Thank you, my friend.

2009.12.25 Croatia - WWF Birds

Nice cover from Croatia affixed WWF birds stamps, thank you, Tomislav.