2012.11.13. Hong Kong - 12 western zodiac signs

Two covers from Hong Kong affixed whole set of new stamps released on 1.11.2012. Thank you, Edward.

2012.11.13. Estonia - Railway bridges

Two beautiful FDCs from Estonia. The stamps was released on 25.10.2012. Thank you, Pirjo.


2012.11.2. Bangladesh - Centenary of Dhaka Club

My first cover from Bangladesh. This FDC was issued on Aug 2011, then added extra stamps on back for postage to me.Thank you so much, Mr. Uddin.

2012.11.2. Germany - 100 year of Domowina

Cover from Germany. The stamp was issued to celebrate the 100 year of Domowina. Thank you, Igor.

2012.11.2. Germany - Castles

Cover from Germany. The three castles in stamp are all located in the German state of Thuringia. Thank you, Martin.

2012.11.2. Norway - Forests

Cover from Norway affixed complete set of 2011 Europa stamps. Thank you, Paul.

2012.11.2. Gibraltar - Visit Gibraltar

Cover from Gibraltar with four beautiful stamps and post cancellations. Thank you, J-P.


2012.11.2. Hong Kong - 2012 Olympic game winner

Cover from Hong Kong. Thank you, Alan.

2012.11.2. Austria - Fine Paintings

Cover from Austria. Thank you, Florian.


2012.10.29. China - Blanc de Chine

Two registered covers from China. This set of new stamp depicts the Blanc de Chine. Thank you, Wu.

2012.10.29. Malaysia - Postman's Uniform

(Back of Cover)

Two FDCs from Malaysia. These beautiful stamps and covers depict different periods of postman's uniform in Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor.

2012.10.29. France - Stamp Festival

FDC from France. Thank you, Pauline.


2012.10.29. Canada - Heart of Maple Country

Cover from Westchester Station (Heart of Maple Country), Canada. Thank you, Maryam.

2012.10.29. Germany - 200th Anniversary of Oktoberfest

Two covers from Germany. The above one was to celebrate the 200th anniversary of a famous fairs in German state of Bavaria, "Oktoberfest" and the special cancellation. The registered cover on below affixed stamps released on Oct.2012. Thank you, Martin.

2012.10.29. U.N. - Endangered Species

Cover from New York, U.N. Thank you, Mrs. Anderson.


2012.10.19. Venezuela - 35 years of Biblioteca Ayacucho

A registered letter from Venezuela. The stamp was released on 9.Dec.2009 to celebrate 35 years of Biblioteca Ayacucho. Thank you, Jesus.

2012.10.19. Japan - Modern hourse-racing

 (2012 International Letter Writing Week)
Cover and postcard from Japan. Thank you, Minoru.

2012.10.19. Mauritius - Celebrating 40 years of diplimatic ralations between Mauritius and China

Cover from Mauritius to celebrate the relationship with China. Thank you, David.

2012.10.19. Malaysia - 750th Anniversary of the founding of Melaka

Two FDCs from Malaysia. This set of stamp and a mini-sheet published to commemorate the 750 years of the founding of the Malay-Melaka Empire. Thank you, KKKhor.


2012.10.19. Germany - Lighthouse

Cover from Germany. Thank you, Martin.

2012.10.19. Indonesia - National Identity

Two covers from Indonesia. Thank you, Hidayat.