2010.1.29. Andorra - emblem of the Principality of Andorra

Colorful cover from Andorra. Thank you my friend.

2010.1.29. Malaysia - Malaysian Currency

Nicd FDC from Ipoh, Malaysia. Thank you, Kok Keong.


Nice cover from India. This set of stamp was issued in 16.Nov.2009. Thank you sir.

2010.1.29. France - Le Pont-Neuf

Beautiful prepaid envelope from Paris, France. Thank you my friend.

2010.1.29. France - 50 years of Asterix and Heart of Lanvin

Nice cover from France. Thank you, Thomas.

2010.1.29. Estonia - 2010 European Figure Skating Championships

Beautiful night view of Tallinn, Estonia.
Nice FDC from Tallinn, Estonia to celebrate this championships will be held in Estonia. Thank you, Pirjo.

2010.1.29. Slovakia - Winter Olympic Games 2010 Vancouver

Nice FDC from Bystre, Slovakia to commemorate 2010 winter Olympic Game in Vancouver. Thank you, Milos.


2010.2.5. NIUE - Rock of Polynesia

Postcard from Niue. Very rare see of this place. The postal cancellations on this card indicated 19 Jan 01. 1, I think it could be the wrong year in 2010. Maybe the post master will notice this mistake somedays after. Thank you my friend for this wonderful postcard.

2010.2.5. Malaysia - Hand made cover

Colorful cover from Sabah, Maylaysia. Still, arrived in Taipei in 6.1.2010 but laying on my mail box in 2.12.2010. Thank you, Liang.

2010.2.5. Greece - Postcard from Thessaloniki

Beautiufl postcard from Greece. Thank you, Vasileios.

2010.2.5. Poland - Mammals of the Baltic Sea

Cover sent from Krosno, Poland in 14.9.2009 and arrived in Taipei in 5.2.2010. Very long journey. Thank you, Mr. Socha.


2010.1.22. Greenland - Matthew A. Henson

Beautiful postcard from Tasiilaq, Greenland.

2010.1.22. Myanmar - Musical instruments

Nice cover from Yangon, Myanmar. Thank you.

2010.1.22. Turkey - 150 Anni of the Faculty of Political Science

Nice cover affixed same issue.
FDC from Turkey. Thank you, Mr. Demir.

2010.1.22. Japan - Red scenery postmark (Tokoname)

LCC member sent from Aichi, Japan. Thank you.

2010.1.22. Japan - International Letter Writing Week 2009

Cover from Tokyo, Japan dated 14.1.10. Thank you, Midori.

2010.1.22. Hungary - THE PÉCS BISHOPRIC

Nice cover from Hungary by LCC menber. Thank you.