From N.Z.

It was sent from Edendale post centre with a special post cancellation on the date in 2 Oct 2008. Looks a little bit late. My friend wish me have more kinds of postal marks. Thanks, Mr. Marsh.

From Japan

Japan is our neighbor. But this is my first letter from Japan. There are always beautiful stamps issues in Japan. Thanks, Rieko.


Postcard from Finland

"Party" series. A very famous Finn disigner, Kustaa Saksi. Thanks Annette.

Cover from German

Cover from German. Include 20 used germany stamps for me. Thank you so much.

Cover from India

My first registered mail from India. Nice stamps. Thank you sir.

FDC from USA

FDC from US. The issue day was in May-19, but I received in Oct-16. I know this is very normal in US.

FDC from Malaysia

Nice FDC, right? This FDC was sent from a sending-a-cover tag from Malaysia. Thank you, Lang.

Cover from Australia

Cover from Australia with very clear cancellation. I couldn't found any detail about these stamps in my Scott 07 or website. Maybe they were issued in 2007. Thanks Mr.Marsh.


Cover from German

A postcrosser sent me one nice postcard. She used a hand made card-holder to send this card. Thank you so much.

Cover from New Zealand

Cover from New Zealand, Thanks my friend.

New covers from Turkey

Two covers from Turkey. They were sent out in different day but I received them same day.


Postcard from Shanghai, China

Tibet custom. An illustrations of tripitaka carved into rocks.