2012.6.2. Malaysia - Langkawi Island

Two beautiful postcards from Langkawi, Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor.

2012.6.2. Japan - Lives in Hokkaido

Cover from Japan with two stamps depict lives in Hokkaido. Thank you, Minoru.

2012.6.2. Italy - Feats of arms.

Two covers from Italy with different topic stamps. Thank you, Coin Ivan.


2012.6.2. Malaysia - Aromatic plants

Three FDCs from Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor and Siew Lan.


2012.6.2. Hong Kong - Festivals

Three covers from Hong Kong. This set of stamp depicts different festivals in Hong Kong. These celebrating festivals also goes in Taiwan nowadays. Thank you, Alan and Brian.

2012.6.2. China - The 100th anniversary of Nanjing University

Cover from China with two commemorative stamps and two definitive stamps. Thank you, Wu.

2012.6.2. Brazil - 2009 Christmas

Cover from Brazil. It was a canceled cover affixed additional stamps to send to Taiwan. Thank you, Lucia.

2012.6.2. Belarus - Locomotive

Cover from Belarus arrived on 2.Jun.2012. Thank you, Kate.


2012.5.23. Ukraine - Coat of Arms and Flag

Cover from Ukraine. Thank you, Sergey.

2012.5.23. France - Emperor angelfish

Postcard with a same theme stamp from France. Thank you, J-P.

2012.5.23. Canada - Art

Cover from Canada with two special stamps depict art work by Daphne Odjig. Thank you, Myanmar.

2012.5.23. China - Centenary of international nurses day

Cover from China sent on the stamp first issue day. Thank you, Wu.

2012.5.23. Germany - Visit

 (Europa 2012, Visit)

Three cover from Germany depict different events in Germany. Thank you, Martin.

2012.5.23. Gibraltar - Water

Cover from Gibraltar with two Europa series stamps. Thank you, Edward.

2012.5.23. Japan - 40th anniversary of reversion of Okinawa

FDC from Japan. The stamp was issued to commemorate 40th anniversary of reversion of Okinawa. Thank you, Minoru.

2012.5.23. Myanmar - Kaba Aye Pagoda

Postcard from Yangon, Myanmar. Thank you, Ko.