Cover from Malaysia

Cover form Malaysia dated 16-Apr-09 with two POS new issue "World Heritage Sites" stamps. The picture in above is the complete set of this issue. Thank you, Ronny.

Cover from Switzerland

Cover form Geuensee, Switzerland dated 20-Apr-09. Thank you, Vural.

Cover from Saint-Pierre & Miquelon

Cover from Saint-Pierre & Miquelon (SPM). The Territorial Collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon is a group of small French islands in the North Atlantic Ocean.
Thank you, Mr. Maleret.


Cover from Ukraine

Cover from Ukraine. The mini sheet stamps is to commemorate 100th anniversary of zoo in Kive. Thank you, Sergry.

Cover from France

Cover form Paris, France dated 18-Apr-09. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.

FDC form Algeria

FDC from Algeria to commemorate National day of disabled persons. Thank you, Mr. Ouari.


FDC from Japan

FDC from Japan dated 10-Apr-2009. This minisheet was issued for celebrating the Golden wedding anniversary of the Japanese Emperor & Empress. Thank you, Hide.

Cover form USA

Cover from San Jose, USA dated 13-Apr-09. Thank you Mr. Leven.

Cover form Singapore

Cover from Singapore dated 13-Apr-09. Thank you, Edmund.

Cover from USA

Cover form East Texas, USA dated 11-Apr-09. Thank you, Jennefer.

Cover form Brazil

Cover from Sao Paulo, Brazil dated 04-Apr-09. Thank you, Valeria.


Cover from Brazil

A letter from Brazil dated 5-Mar-2009, spent a long trip to my country. Thank you, Rafael.


Cover from Israel

Cover from Israel. Thank you, Mr. Shabtay.

Covers form Malaysia

Two nice covers from Malayisa. Thank you, Siew Lan.

Cover from Ukraine

Cover form Ukraine. Thank you, Mr. Linchevsky.

Cover from Romania

Cover from Romania. Thank you, Ladislau.

5th World Water Forum official cover from Turkey

5th World Water Forum official cover from Turkey. Thank you, Mr. Demir.

Cover from Slovakia

NIce cover from Slovakia. Thank you, Milos.

Cover from France

Nice cover circuit from France. Thank you, Thomas.


Cover from Turkey

Cover from Turkey with new issue " Airplane". Thank you, Ahmet.

Cover from Estonia

Cover from Estonia. Thank you, Kristiina.

Cover from Algerie

Cover from Algerie sent in 08-Mar-2009. Thank you, Mr. Ouari.

Cover from Thailand

Cover form Thailand with complete set of 125th anniversary of Thai postal service postage stamps. Thank you, Terdsak.

Cover from India

Cover from India. Thank you.

Cover from France

Cover from France. Thank you, Mr. Roland.


Cover from USA

Cover from USA included one nice star-war prepaid postcard inside. Thank you, Jean-Claude.

FDC from Malaysia

FDC from Malaysia. This series has two face value in the same disign, another is 50 sen. Above FDC was issued by Taiwan Post in 10-Jan-1996. Thank you, chan yoon.


Summer from Brazil

Cover with a postcard from Florianopolis, Brazil. This excellent cover seems made by sender. The postcard let me feel so good because I have a long time not been to beach for holiday. Thank you, Rafael.