2009.10.23 Indonesia, PHILAKOREA 2009

Nice cover from Indonesia? The postal cancellation presents "SEOUL, 30 JUL 2009", I guess maybe it was sent from exhibition in Seoul. Thank you, Hidayat.

2009.10.23 Estonia, Tawny Owl

Beautiful new fdc from Estonia issued in 08-Oct-2009. Tawny owl is common in woodlands across much of Eurasia. Thank you, Pirjo.


2009.9.25 India, 09.9.09 postal cancellation

A 09.9.09 cover from India with many beautiful stamps. Thank you, Sauj.

2009.09.25 Brazil, Fruit

Nice cover from Brazil. Thank you, Luciano.

2009.09.10 Germany, Johannes Calvin

Nice cover circuit from Germany. Thanks, friend.

2009.9.22 UK The Age of the Tudors

Nice cover from Norwich, England. The House of Tudor was a prominent European royal house that ruled the Kingdom of England and its realms from 1485 until 1603.
Couple days ago, I just rented a DVD movie "Elizabeth I - the Goden Age" and she was the final ruler of the house. Thank you, Hide.


2009.10.12 Polynesia 40 year anniversary of moon landing

Postcard from Polynesia. Thank you, friend.

2009.10.12 France Chocolate

Nice cover from France affixed 4 big size beautiful stamps. Thank you, friend.

2009.10.02 Estonia Centenary of Estonian Athletics

FDC from Estonia. Thank you, Muhv.


2009.10.16 Philippines-Singapore 40 years of diplomatic relations

Cover from Philippines. Thank you, friend.

2009.10.16 Germany National Park Eifel

Nice cover circuit form Germany. Thank you, Gabis.


2009.10.02 Cuba

Nice cover from Cuba with beautiful Cuban scene stamps.

2009.10.02 New Caledonia postcard

Very beautiful postcard from Nouvelle Caledonie affixed lots wonderful stamps. Thank you my friend.

2009.10.02 Turkey Butterflies

Nice cover from Turkey with beautiful butterflies. Thank you, Mr. Demir.

2009.10.02 Malayisa Submarine

Nice cover from Malayisa with new Submarine postage stamps. Thank you, kkkor.

2009.10.2 Liechtenstein Butterfly

New nice cover from Liechtenstein. Thank you.


2009.10.12 Polynesia

Nice cover from Polynesia. Thank you, my friend.

2009.10.12 Hong Kong

New cover from Hong Kong with the last new issue in celebration of P.R.C 60 years anniversary.

2009.10.12 Estonia

Nice cover from Estonia. Thank you, Kristiina.

2009.10.12 Malaysia

Nice cover from Malayisa. Thank you, Aik.


2009.9.9 Macau, postage due cover

Macau to Taiwan basic postage fee by air mail is 4.00 under 10g weight. Every 10g plus 1.00 in basic postage. This cover only affixed 1.50 and arrived in Taiwan with postage due 3.50.

2009.9.25 Myanmar, 60th Independence Day

Fruit and flora stamps, rare subject in Myanmar postal history.
Cover from Myanmar. Thank you, Ko.

2009.9.25 Hong Kong - Centenary of Customs and Excise Service

Thank you, Edward.