2011.9.21. China - The 9th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities of China

Cover from China with complete set of stamps to commemorate The 9th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities of China. Thank you, Wu.

2011.9.21. Malaysia - The AL - Asyikin Mosque

Postcard from Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor.

2011.9.21. Hong Kong - Centenary of the University of Hong Kong

Four FDCs from Hong Kong to celebrate the centenary of the University of Hong Kong. Three official FDCs were sent by Alan and Brian. Self-made first day cover was sent by Edward, thank you all.


2011.9.17. Switzerland - 50 years of the Swiss national anthem

Cover from Switzerland. Thank you, Sara.

2011.9.17. India - Famous People

Two beautiful covers from India depict famous people of India. Thank you, Saujanya.

2011.9.17. Macau - 50th anniversary of WWF

FDC from Macau with very popular subject WWF stamps. Thank you, Edward.

2011.9.17. China - Cycling

Cover from China with complete set of stamps to introduce cycling. Thank you, Wu.

2011.9.15. Vanuatu - Massena's Lorikeet

Cover from Vanuatu. The stamp depicts Massena's Lorikeet which is one kind of Rainbow Lorikeet. Also, this is my first cover from this Pacific Ocean island nation. Thank you, Edward.


2011.9.15. USA - Lacemaking

Cover from Kansas City, U.S. with six stamps just fitted international postage rate. Thank you, Opitz97.

2011.9.15. Belgium - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

FDC from Belgium to commemorate Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Thank you, Henri.

2011.9.15. Mauritius - The Coin of Mire

Postcard from Mauritius. Thank you, David.

2011.9.15. Faroe Islands - The Northern Islands

Cover from Faroe Islands. Three stamps were issued in 1999 from a set of six stamps that depict the northern islands of Faroe islands. Thank you, Edward.


2011.9.8. Greece - Greek shipping

Cover and postcard from Greece. thank you, Spyros.

2011.9.8. Myanmar - Mandalay Palace

Cover and postcard from Myanmar. Thank you, Aung Ko.

2011.9.8. Czech - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

FDC and postcard from Czech. The stamp expressively conducting Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with an original copy of the Don Giovanni score and the Prague's Estates Theatre in the background. Thank you, Radim.


2011.9.6. Japan - Polyommatinae

Cover from Japan. The butterfly stamp is one of five stamps depict the hamony with nature series issue.Thank you, Minoru.

2011.9.5. USA - Beauty and Beast

Letter from USA with four beautiful stamps. Thank you, Stephanie.

2011.9.2. Malaysia - Locomotives

 This souvenir sheet was to celebrate the stamp exhibition in Japan.
Cover and mint fdc from Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor.

2011.9.2. Indonesia - Tokoh Nasional

Cover from indonesia. Thank you, Hidayat.

2011.9.2. France - Year of Ox

Cover from France. Thank you, Daniel.