2012.4.27. Mauritius - 150th aniversary of post office

Cover from Rodrigues, Mauritius. The Rs21 stamp was to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Post Office in Rodrigues. Thank you, David.

2012.4.27. Germany - 50 years of Deutsche Welthungerhilfe

Two covers from Germany. The first cover was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of a very famous German charity organization. The second cover affixed a special stamp and the same cancellation depict the special postal service in the eastern part of Germany where the villages can only be reached by boat. Thank you, Martin.

2012.4.27. China- Modern Chinese musicians

Cover from China with complete set of new stamps depict modern Chinese musicians. It was sent on the first issue day 15, APR, 2012. Thank you, Wu.


2012.4.23. T.A.A.F. - Zircon

Cover from T.A.A.F Dumont d'Urville Station. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2012.4.23. Malaysia - Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Two postcards from Malaysia depict the day and night view of Sultan Abdul Samad Building on Kuala Lumpur. Thank you, Rohani.

2012.4.23. Japan - Mickey Mouse and his friends

(This cover was enclosed on below cover with a special red cancellation which is using in Japan antarctic base. Cancelled date: 5.Dec.2011)
Cover from Japan. In 2.Mar.2012, Japan post issued a set of Mickey Mouse stamp. This cover affixed one of this set of stamps. Thank you, Minoru.

2012.4.23. Germany - London Olympic Games

(Sent on 15.Apr.2012)
(Sent on 31.Mar.2012)
 (Sent on 10.Apr.2012)
Three covers from Germany. The first one was sent on 15.Apr.2012. to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Titanic. The middle one was sent on 31. Mar.2012 to celebrate the London Olympic Games will be open on 17.Jul.2012. And the last one was sent from Osnabruck on 10.Apr.2012. when Martin visited there. Thank you so much for those covers, Martin.

2012.4.23. Estonia - My Stamp

FDC from Estonia. My Stamp is a postage stamp that you can design yourself and that everyone has the possibility to order from the website www.post.ee/minumark. In the design of 520,000 postage stamps the motive of the Estonian biggest island Saaremaa has been used, and the rest of the printing will be personalised according to orders. There are as many possibilities for designing My Stamp as there are ideas. A private client can share the joy with a photo of a child's birth, wedding, birthday, Christmas, holiday experiences etc. For a business client, My Stamp is a good opportunity to increase the awareness of the brand and is a stylish supplement in letters, invitations or gifts. Thank you, Pirjo.

2012.4.23. Cayman - Catboats

Cover from Cayman Islands. A friend arranged this cover from the special place. Thank you, J.P.

2012.4.23. Canada - Titanic

Cover from Canada to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Titanic fateful voyage. Thank you, Maryam.


2012.4.13. Panama - Native Dancing

Ruins of old Panama Cathedral, Panama City.
Cover and postcard from Panama. The stamp depict native dancing by Kuna. Thank you, Patrick.

2012.4.13. Japan - Japan-U.S. cherry blossom centennial

Cover from Japan. Thank you, Minoru.

2012.4.13. India - GOA liberation - golden jubilee

Cover from India. The stamp was to commemorate the GOA liberation in 1961. Thank you, Saujanya.


2012.4.10. Wallis and Futuna - Market

Cover from Wallis and Futuna. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2012.4.10. Ukraine - Seeds

Registered cover from Ukraine with complete set of new definitive stamps. Thank you, Sergey.

2012.4.10. Myanmar - Mandalay

Cover with a beautiful postcard from Myanmar. Thank you, Aung Ko.

2012.4.10. Japan - Cherry blossom centenary

FDC from Japan with a commemorative stamp to commemorate the centenary of cherry blossom in U.S. Thank you, Minoru.

2012.4.10. Hong Kong - The 150th Anniversary of Queen's college

 This cover affixed set of stamp that depict different museums in Hong Kong.
FDC with a souvenir sheet to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Queen's college. Thank you, ALAN.

2012.4.10. China - 50th Anniversary of A.P.P.U.

I got these covers on 10.Apr.2012. They were sent from 9.Mar to 1.Apr. and arrived at the same day. The cover on the bottom is a FDC to commemorate the 50th anniversary of A.P.P.U. Thank you, Wu.

2012.4.10. Canada - Flowers

Cover from Canada. Thank you, Maryam.


2012.3.30. China - Waxwing and Peace dove

FDC from Jinhua, China. This cover was three days late arrived than from Shenzhen. Thank you, Wu.

2012.3.30. Hong Kong - The 150th anniversary of Queen's college

Cover from Hong Kong to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Queen's college. Thank you, Brian.

2012.3.30. Estonia - Heino Eller

Heino Eller (7 March 1887 – 16 June 1970), an Estonian composer and music teacher, graduated from the St Petersburg Conservatory, specialising in composition and music theory. In 1920 he returned to Estonia and set down to work at the Tartu Higher Music School as a teacher of theory and composition, laying the basis to a new generation of Estonian musicians whose bright names, such as Eduard Tubin, Alfred Karindi, Richard Ritsing, Karl Leichter, Olav Roots and Eduard Oja have become known as Eller's Tartu school. Since 1940 Heino Eller worked as professor of composition at Tallinn State Conservatory, where his pupils were the composers Villem Kapp, Jaan Rääts, Arvo Pärt, Lepo Sumera, Heino Jürisalu, Uno Naissoo, Anatoli Gar¹nek, Boris Kõrver, Valter Ojakäär and Alo Põldmäe. Heino Eller's best-known works include the symphonic poems Koit (Daybreak) and Videvik (Twilight) as well as the beautiful Kodumaine viis (Homeland Tune) both as a piano and a string orchestra work. He has written three symphonies, a violin concerto, works for different instrumental groups and solo instruments. Heino Eller's symphonic music has a lot in common with the work of the brightest representatives of European symphonism, such as Bruckner, Sibelius and others. Eller's student, Eduard Tubin, continued the same line in Estonian music. Eller has been called a real Estonian composer and the music he created belongs to the golden treasury of Estonian national musical composition.
Thank you, Pirjo.

2012.3.27. Jersey - Swift

Cover from Jersey with one stamp "Swift" arranged by myself. Enjoy it.

2012.3.27. U.K. - Animals

Cover from Edinburgh, Scotland with special souvenir cancellation to celebrate the Queen diamond jubilee and the stamps also great. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2012.3.27. Malaysia - Legacy of Loom

Cover from Malaysia with one hard-to-get souvenir sheet that issued on the early of this year in celebrating the year of the dragon. The number 523 was written by Taiwan post system to more easy identity my post box number. Thank you, kkkhor.


2012.3.27. China - Waxwing and Peace Dove

FDC from Senzhen, China. This set of bird stamps was a jointly issued by China and Israel. Thank you, Edward.

2012.3.22. South Africa - Table Mountain

Postcard from South Africa. The special stuff is about the cancellation " Get your own PO box at your local post office today." Thank you, Bruce.

2012.3.22. Mauritius - Crabs

Cover from Mauritius. Thank you, David.

2012.3.17. Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

Postcard from Brazil. Thank you, Filipe.

2012.3.17. Indonesia - Climate change conference

Cover from Indonesia. This cover was issued on 28.Nov.2012 but was sent on 10.Mar.2012. Thank you, Hidayat.

2012.3.17. USA - Danny Thomas

Cover from USA. Thank you, Gennadiy.

2012.3.17. Malaysia - Antarctic research program

(Thank you, kkkhor.)
(Thank you, k.s.Lan.)
Two FDCs from Malaysia. This set of stamp depicts the antarctic research program.

2012.3.17. Polynesia - Year of the dragon

Cover from Polynesia with 2012 year of the dragon stamp. Thank you, Jean Pierre.