Covers from India.

These covers were arrived in the same day. I think they might be sent in the same day, too. The FDC could be sent on the day after they were be issued in some countries but some countries could not. I agree with India post's method. They added a post cancell mark in the real post day. I prefer in real posted covers more than mint ones. Thanks my friend, Mahendra.

Letter from Thailand

I received this letter last Friday. The cover used two same stamps for postage. It was issued in 26-Mar-1997 which to commemorate the centennial of the state railway of Thailand. It also included one set mint stamp for me. Amazing Thailand 1st series, Orchid. Thank you my friend, Terdsak.


Covers today

I only received two covers and one postcard these days. But I really enjoy these covers and postcard. The first one I post was sent from Germany, the second one was sent from India, both of them were the cover circuit members. The postcard was from Germany, a postcrosser. I like the postcard which are showing about their cultures. Thanks my friends.


From Norfolk Island

Cover from Norfolk Island. I just knew this island today when I received this cover. Thank you Robin.

Letter from Norway

Received yesterday from LCC member, thank you.


Letters from Malayisa and Slovenia

I will send my cover from Taiwan soon, my friends.

FDC from Bulgaria

A friend sent to me this FDC. I can't read Bulgarian so I don't know what about this stamps are. Anyway, thanks my friend.

From Australia, Olympics games winners 2008 Peiking

Let's salute to the winners. Thanks Mrs. Oldfield.

Mask stamps fromThailand

Very beautiful stamps. Thank you Terdsak.


Four covers today.

I received lots of covers yesterday. So wonderful. Thanks, my friends.


Cover from Mauritius

This cover use a set of 4 Modern Olympic Game Centenary stamps that were issued in June-1996. Thanks, Tasneem.

Europa 2008 from Turkey

This is my first cover from Turkey. This cover was printed a colourful bird on it. Thanks, Demir.