2011.5.12. Algeria - Bougeoir

Cover from Algeria. Two stamps depict tradition home accessories. Thank you, Abderrahmane.

2011.5.9. Monaco - Grace Kelly

Cover from Monaco posted on 2-5-2011. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2011.5.7. The Netherlands - Amsterdam

Postcard from the Netherlands depicts some beautiful tourist sights in Amsterdam.

2011.5.7. New Caledonia - Year of the Rabbit

Cover from New Caledonia. This cover used one "Year of Rabbit" stamp and two kinds of definitive stamps. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2011.5.7. Estonia - Barn Swallow

FDC from Estonia. This stamp depicts the very common bird "Barn Swallow". Thank you, Pirjo.


2011.5.3. Malaysia - Setem Ku

FDC from Malaysia. This is a new design for personalised stamp use. Thank you, KKKhor.

2011.5.3. Belgium - LUXPHILA 2008

Cover from Belgium using two stamps, one is a postage label in celebrate the Luxphila 2008 and the other one is a personal postage stamp. Thank you, Holger.


2011.5.3. China - World Book Day

FDC from China. World Book Day is a yearly event on 23 April organized by UNESCO. The Day was first celebrated in 1995. Thank you, Wu.


2011.4.29. India - CENSUS of India

Cover from India with full set of 100 year of airmail and two CENSUS of India stamps. Thank you, Saranvanan.


2011.4.29. Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Postcard from Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor.

2011.4.29. Japan - Year of the Rabbit 2011

Cover from Tokyo, Japan. Thank you, Hide.

2011.4.29. India - Pigeon and Sparrow

Cover from India. Pigeon and sparrow are very common in our living area. Thank you, Sauj.

2011.4.29. Germany - Half-Timbered Buildings

FDC from Germany. Two stamps depict two half-timbered buildings in Alsfeld and Hartenstein. Thank you, Martin.


2011.4.29. Germany - Women's Football

FDC from Germany. Women's football is quickly become very popular in Germany largely due to the success of the women's national team. In 2010, team Germany won the FIFA U-20 Women's world cup. Thank you, Martin.

2011.4.29. Estonia - Folk Costumes

FDC from Estonia. This set of stamps depict two folk costumes in Estonia. Thank you, Pirjo.


2011.4.25. Hong Kong - Green Living

Official FDC from Hong Kong. Thank you, Brian.

2011.4.25. Malaysia - Spices

Cover from Malaysia. Thank you, Newrule.

2011.4.25. Slovakia - Eugen Ruffiny

FDC from Slovakia. Thank you, Milos.

2011.4.25. India - 100 year of Air Mail

Cover from India. Thank you, Dr. P.G.K.

2011.4.25. France - Miss Tic

Cover from France. Two stamps were from a booklet of twelve stamps. Miss Tic, a visual artist and poet. Thank you, Eleanare.

2011.4.25. Argentina - Notothenia

Cover from Argentina. Thank you, Viviana.

2011.4.25. Cambodia - Stone faces of Bayon

Postcard from Cambodia. The Angkor wat is a very popular tourist site in Cambodia. Thank you, Angel.

2011.4.21. France - 150th anniversary of the annexation of Nice to France

Cover from France. Thank you, Eleanare.

2011.4.21. Hong Kong - Green Living

FDC from Hong Kong. Thank you, Edward.

2011.4.21. Slovenia - Holy Spirit Church in Javorca

Cover from Slovenia. Thank you, Polona.