12.SEP.2013 received covers

A beautiful aerogramme from Jersey. Thank you, J.P.
Two FDCs from Malaysia. Thank you, K.S.L.
Cover from Mauritius. Thank you, David.
Cover and a postcard from Myanmar. Thank you, U.A.K.

9.SEP.2013 received covers

Four beautiful covers from Ukraine with different topics. Thank you, Sergey.
Two fdcs from Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor.
Cover from Kenya arranged by Sauj. Thank you.
Cover from Macau arranged by Alan. Thank you.
FDC from Japan with new issue stamp depicted fruits. Thank you, Minoru.
Two cover from Germany. The first one affixed two same topic stamps from different year. Thank you, Martin.
FDC from Estonia. Thank you, Pirjo.
Postcard from Hong Kong. Thank you, Alan.


30.Aug.2013 received covers

2013 World Stamp Exhibition souvenir cover from Thailand arranged by a Malaysian friend. Thank you, K.S.L.

This cover was sent by K.S.L. included the signature of stamp designer. Thank you.

Aerogramme from Japan with souvenir stamp cancellation. Thank you, Minoru.

FDC from Indonesia. Thank you, Hidayat.

Cover from Hong Kong with special cancellations. Thank you, Brian.

Two covers from China. Above one is a FDC with cats stamps. Thank you, Wu.

Cover from Canada by a LCC member. Thank you, Edward.


23.AUG.2013 received covers

From China. Thank you, WU.
From Japan. Thank you, Minoru.

16.AUG.2013 received covers

From Croatia. Thank you, Tomislav.
From South Africa. Thank you, Marten.
From Japan. Thank you, Minoru.
Postcard from Hong Kong. Thank you, Alan.
 From Estonia. Thank you, Pirjo.

2013.AUG.7. received covers

From Ukraine. Thank you, Sergey.
From Malaysia. Thank you, Kow Siew Lan.
From U.S.A, Thank you, Dr. Wei Tsu Tseng.
From Hong Kong. Thank you, Brian.
From Germany. Thank you, Martin.
From Estonia. Thank you, Pirjo.
From Sweden. Thank you, Christer.
From Algeria. Thank you, Mr. Ouandjli.
From China. Thank you, WU.