2012.1.6. Poland - Blessed Pope John Paul II

Cover from Poland. Thank you, Dr. Ryszard.

2012.1.6. Singapore - Lives around pond

Cover from Singapore. Thank you, Orhan.

2012.1.3. India - President's fleet review, Mumbai

Cover from India. Thank you, Saujanya.

2012.1.3. Singapore - 20th World Orchid Conference

Cover from Singapore. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2012.1.3. Germany - Sparrenburg Bielefeld

Postcard from Germany. Thank you, Martin.


2011.12.30. Hong Kong - The Qiantang bore

Last cover received in 2011. Thank you, Edward. And wish all my friends have a very excellent new year 2012.

2011.12.30. Canada - Season's greeting

Cover sent in Christmas eve from Canada. Thank you, Laura.

2011.12.27. China - Completion of National Museum of China new building

Souvenir envelope with three beautiful stamps from China. This postage paid envelope was to commemorate the completion of national museum of China new building. Thank you, Wu.

2011.12.27. Germany - 50 years of new Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Above cover was sent from Hessisch Lichtenau dated 21.12.11 and arrived in 30.12.11.
Two covers from Germany. 50 years ago, on 17 December 1961, inaugurated the new Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial Church. The first church on this site was largely destroyed in 1943. From an architectural competition was the 1957 draft by Prof. Egon Eiermann emerged victorious. The coexistence of old and new one of the most outstanding testimonies of the church building was built in the 20th Century, a monument to freedom, which was very surprising to the world famous city icon. The new church and bell tower are characterized by their clear language of form, but especially by the most intense blue glass. The glass walls were of the French glass artist Gabriel Loire of Chartres, designed and executed in a technique developed by him. In the broken edges of the glass, the sunlight breaks down in many ways and bring the walls in ever new places to sparkle. One million people from around the world visit every year, this building, looking here and meditation and silence envelop the magic of the blue light inside the church. Thank you, Martin.

2011.12.23. Hong Kong - TAMAR development project

Pre-stamped postcard from Hong Kong. Thank you, Edward.

2011.12.23. Malaysia - Institution of royal

Two beautiful FDCs from Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor and Newrule.


2011.12.23. Germany - 50 years of Adveniat

Cover from Germany. The 55 cents stamp was to commemorate 50 years of  the "Adveniat". Thank you, Martin.

2011.12.23. Latvia - Year of the dragon

Cover from Latvia. The design of this stamp combined Christmas and lunar new year symbol of dragon. Thank you, Oleg.


2011.12.23. France - Seasons of Paris

Postcard from France. Thank you, Thaddee.

2011.12.23. Myanmar - Bagan

Postcard from Myanmar. Thank you, U.A.K.


2011.12.20. Mauritius - Birth centenary of Sir Moilin Jean Ah Chuen

Cover from Mauritius. Thank you, David.

2011.12.20. Malaysia - Royal Institution

FDC from Malaysia. Thank you, Maryam.

2011.12.20. Russia - Metro Station

Postcard from Russia. Thank you, Valeria.

2011.12.20. China - Ancient astronomical insturments

Official FDC from China. This set of stamp was a jointly issued by China and Denmark. Thank you, Wu.

2011.12.20. Hong Kong - The Tamar Development Project

Two FDCs from Hong Kong. The Tamar development project covers the design and construction of the new Chief Executive's Office, the Central Government Offices, the Legislative Council Complex, an extensive open space and two elevated walkways. Hong Kong Post issues a souvenir sheet to commemorate this important landmark project. Thank you, Alan and Brian.

2011.12.14. Malaysia - Black pepper

Cover from Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor.

2011.12.14. Indonesia - 26th Sea Games 2011

FDC from Indonesia. Thank you, Hidayat.

2011.12.12. Hong Kong - Museums collection

Official fdc from Hong Kong. Thank you, Brian.

2011.12.12. Malaysia - Underground engineering excellence

Cover from Malaysia. This set of stamps depict excellent underground engineering. Thank you, Siew Lan.

2011.12.12. Japan - 50th festival of agriculture, forestry and fisheries

Two covers from Japan. Thank you, Minoru.