2011.1.8. Hong Kong - Lighthouses

Official FDC from Hong Kong with official first day postal cancellation. Thank you, Brian.
FDC from Hong Kong depicts five lighthouses. Thank you, Edward.

2011.1.8. Honk Kong - 2011.1.1

Cover from Hong Kong posted on 1.1.2011. Thank you, Edward.


2011.1.4. Portugal - School Mail

Cover from Portugal. Two special stamps were issued in 2010.
The middle one is depicts the history of freedoms and the right stamp is form a set of three stamps. Since 2006 the Portuguese Postal Services (CTT – Correios de Portugal) have been working in partnership with the National Reading Plan (NRP), a combined initiative of the Ministry of Education, with the Ministry of Culture and the Office of the Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs, whose goal is to elevate the literacy levels of the Portuguese.
The CTT and the NRP have therefore launched the 4th edition of the “Where does your imagination take you?” programme and invited several schools in the country to take part in a variety of initiatives, such as promoting the activity “Where does a stamp take you?”
This year, the theme “The CTT protect the environment” was launched, in keeping with the new positioning of the brand “CTT. With you for a sustainable future”. The students’ work demonstrated a strong environmental awareness, specifically regarding issues of environmental protection.( from PTT wedsite).
Thank you, Jose.

2011.1.4. France - Art series Sandro Botticelli

Cover from France. This stamp is from a mini-sheet which was issued in 8.Nov.2010. Thank you, Mr.Fiquet J.P.

2011.1.4. France - Mende

Cover and postcard from France. I just wonder what's the meaning of postal cancellation 39831A. Thank you, Daniel.

2011.1.4. Germany - 175 years of railways in Germany

FDC from Germany. The special stamps were to celebrate the 175th anniversary of railways in Germany. Thank you, Martin.


2010.12.31. India - Brihadeeswarar Temple

Cover from India. Thank you, Sauj.

2010.12.31. Germany - FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2011

Cover from Germany posted in 12.18.2010. The stamp on left was dedicated the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2011. Thank you, Martin.

2010.12.31. Malta - 25th Anniversary of Y.F.A.

Cover from Malta. My first cover from this small country in Miditerranean. Thank you, Jane.

2010.12.31. Myanmar - Karaweik Hall

Postcard from Myanmar. Thank you, Aung Ko.

2010.12.31. U.A.E. - 50th anniversary of APEC

Cover from U.A.E with four very colorful stamps. Thank you, Syed.

2010.12.31. Estonia - New Year Greetings

Two FDCs from Estonia with new year greetings stamp. Thank you, Pirjo.


2010.12.27. S.P.M. - Grand Barachois

Cover from Sanit Pierre and Miquelon. The stamp on left depicts the Grand Barachois, a large natural lagoon in S.P.M. Thank you, Jean-Pierre.

2010.12.27. USA - Angel with Lute

Cover from USA with special first day cancellation. Thank you, Welch.

2010.12.27. Japan - Cormorant Fishing

Cover from Japan. Thank you, Minoru.

2010.12.27. Czech - Christmas 2010

Cover from Czech. Thank you, Ivan.

2010.12.27. Bulgaria - Season's Greetings

Cover from Bulgaria with a warm greeting card. Thank you, Lilia.

2010.12.27. Brazil - National Symbols

Cover from Brazil with a complete set of stamp. Official Symbols are the Federative Republic of Brazil honored on stamps: the National Arms, National Flag, Seal and National Anthem. Thank you, Rafael.

2010.12.21. USA - Christmas 2010

Cover from USA with one chinese style greeting card. Thank you, Alex.

2010.12.21. Malaysia - Traditional past time games

FDC from Malaysia. This mini-sheet depicts one game in old time. Thank you, KKKhor.


2010.12.21. Malaysia - Tradition past games

FDC from Malaysia. This issue depicts the past children games in Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor.

2010.12.21. China - Hangzhou 2010 stamp exhibition

Cover and postcard from China to commemorate the stamp exhibition in Hangzhou. Thank you, Wu.

2010.12.21. China - Song Renqiong

Cover from China. Two stamps was issued to commemorate Song Renqiong. Thank you, Wu.

2010.11.17. Turkey - Definitive stamp

Cover from Turkey. Thank you, Umut.

2010.12.17. Turkey - Mail Art

Cover from Turkey. Thank you, Ahmet.

2010.12.17. Mauritius - Bicentenary of the British Conquest of Isle De France

FDC from Mauritius posted on 3.Dec.2010. Thank you, David.