100th anniversary of the national Taiwan museum commemorative

The $5.00 stamp featured the Yellow Tiger Flag of Democratic Taiwan and $25.00 stamp featured the portrait of Jheng Cheng-gong with part of the map of Taiwan dating from the Emperor Kangsi’s reign during the Cing Dynasty used as the background. The souvenir sheet includes one each of the above-mentioned stamps. The background of the sheet, in addition to the map of Taiwan, also features a picture of the museum building on the upper left corner and the museum’s centenary logo on the upper right corner.

LAMBORGHINI on a stamp

A super car brand on the world. Of course, not everyone can have a real one. But we can have its mark easily. Nice stamp with nice postmark.

FDC from Malaysia

St. John Ambulans Malaysia 100th anniversary. It's a real post FDC, thanks, yoon.


The 12th president inauguration

Taiwan post had issued a new set of postage stamps to commemorate her new president inauguration on 20-may-2008. This set has some different. Since last year the nation name was become to Taiwan. Now, R.O.C is back, but it adds Taiwan behind the R.O.C. So, this is the first set that was named in Republic of China(Taiwan) stamps.


Rapid postcard

Yesterday, I received an e-mail. It makes me surprised. I sent a postcard to Finland this Monday (19-may), and it was arrived in 23-may, only spend 4 days from Taiwan to Finland. It's really unbelievable, isn't it?


Exchang from Iran

This cover was sent from Iran with registered. Thanks, Hamzeh. The postage was printed on the envelope. I cann't understand why the date is 11-2-57, but in the back, it had another postmark and the date was 08-05-04, I think this is the date of sent. I have a question. Can any one tell me the basic airmail postage from Iran to worldwild.


New Zealand, lovely cover

Thank you, Mr. Cox, with your lovely letter and the M/S you send for me.


From Bulgaria

Swap from Bulgaria. Many thanks, Dimitar.

Cuba swap

Cuba 2008 Olympics and Subtransit System.
Thanks, Jose.


Sri Lanka

A letter from Sri Lanka with registered. There were 5 kinds of stamps on it. They all issued on 2007. Many thanks for Mr.Babu.


Egypt FDC

Thanks, Mr.Aziz