2012.9.21. China - The Liye Qin-slips

FDC from China. The stamps depict very famous Qin bamboo slips from Liye. Thank you, Wu.

2012.9.21. Hong Kong - Light-vented Bulbul

Postcard from Hong Kong with birthday greeting. The crad was made by Edward himself. Thank you, my  friend.

2012.9.21. Estonia - The European destroying angel

A new series of stamps is of mushrooms growing in Estonia. The first stamp in the series shows the deadly Amanita virosa, commonly known as the European destroying angel. It can easily be mixed up with other white mushrooms so it is the cause of quite frequent deaths. After eating a meal of the destroying angel the latent period is rather long, with the first symptoms, diarrhoea, nausea and stomach pains, occurring within five to twelve hours but they will then fade away for several hours and even days to return with vengeance, but by that time kidney and liver damage is well underway. The death angel often grows in Estonian spruce groves and groves mixed with spruce. It is totally white, with a pure white cap, initially egg-shaped and later convex or flat. The gills are white and the stem has a fragile ring on the stipe. The death angel is often mixed up with the common white mushroom, but one of their main differences is that its stipe has a ring and a volva, which the white mushroom does not have.
Thank you, Pirjo.

2012.9.21. Russia - Cathedral

Postcard from Russia. Thank you, Anna.

2012.9.21. South Africa - 2002 World Summit

Cover from South Africa. Three stamps was issued on 2001 and 2010. Thank you, Marten.

2012.9.21. Hong Kong - Centenary of Hong Kong trams

Cover from Hong Kong with complete set of commemorative stamps. Thank you, Alan.

2012.9.21. Mauritius - Customs Department

Cover from Mauritius. Two stamps introduced Customs Department of Mauritius. Thank you, David.


2012.9.21. Craotia - Delicacies

Cover from Croatia. Three stmaps depict delicious croatian foods. Thank you, Tomi.

2012.9.14. Angola - National Bank of Angola

Postcard from Angola. The picture depicts the National Bank of Angola. Thank you, Bruce.

2012.9.14. China - Hotan Jade

 (Hotan Jade)
 (Poetry in Song Dynasty)
Four FDCs from China. It must be very busy for collectors in China because they issue new stamps so closely. Thank you, Wu.


2012.9.14. Germany - Meyer shipyard

Postcard from Germany. Thank you, Martin.

2012.9.14. Romania - Fruits and vegetables

Two beautiful covers from Romania. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2012.9.14. Japan - Baseball game

Cover from Japan with commemorative cancellation. Thank you, Minoru.

2012.9.14. Brazil - Big Cats

Cover from Brazil. Two stamps depict Ocelot and Jagurundi. Thank you, Lucia.


2012.7.10. Indonesia - 2012 World Stamp Exhibition

Cover from Indonesia. Thank you, Hidayat.

2012.7.10. Hong Kong - The 15th anniversary of establishment of H.K.S.A.R.

FDC from Hong Kong. The special postal cancellations was to celebrate the 15th anniversary of establishment of Hong Kong S.A.R. Thank you, Brian.

2012.7.10. Bermuda - Ely's Harbour

Aerogramme from Bermuda. Thank you very much, J-P.

2012.7.10. Germany - Nationalpark Jasmund

Two covers from Germany. Thank you, Martin.


2012.7.3. Malaysia - Traditional livelihood

Three covers from Malaysia. Above two was sent on the stamp first issue day. Thank you, Khor.

2012.7.3. China - International Year of Cooperatives

Commemorative postcard from China. Thank you, Wu.

2012.7.3. Hong Kong - The Great Buddha


Two postcards from Hong Kong. Thank you, Alan.