2010.9.17. Turkey - Crocus

Cover from Izmir, Turkey. Thank you, Ahmet.

2010.9.17. Poland - Brenna

Cover from Katowice, Poland posted in 6.Sep.2010. Thank you, Waldemar.

2010.9.17. Mauritius - 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

Cover from Mauritius posted on 7.Sep.2010. Thank you, David.

2010.9.17. India - Vethathiri

Cover from India. The stamp was to commemorate Thathuvagnani Vethathiri Maharishi. Thank you, Sauj.

2010.9.17. India - Jawaharlal Nehru & Talkatora Stadium

Cover from India. Stamps were issued in 1st.Aug.2010 and these two stadiums was constructed to host 9th Asian Games in 1982. Thank you, sauj.


2010.9.17. Croatia - Lubenice

Cover from Croatia. This mini-sheet presents the largest Adriatic island Cres, are Lubenice, an ancient mountain village with a great view of the sea and neighboring islands. Medieval fortress, which rises on top of a cliff 378 meters high, is the jewel of Croatia's rural architecture.
Thank you, Tomislav.

2010.9.17. Czech - Stoves

Cover from Prague, Czech Republic. Two stamps was issued in 2008 featuring Gothic and Renaissance stoves. Thank you, Martin.

2010.9.17. Croatia - Europa 2010

Cover from Croatia with Europa 2010 series. Thank you, Josip.

2010.9.14. France - Butterflies

FDC from France. The butterfly is considered a symbol of grace and lightness. Thank you, Jean Pierre.


2010.9.14. New Zealand - Alexandra

Postcard from New Zealand, Thank you, Annie.

2010.9.14. France - Gent

Postcard from France. Thank you, Luis.

2010.9.14. Turkey - 100th Anniversary of TMOK

Cover from Turkey. Thank you, Alex.

2010.9.14. Thailand - 50th Anniversary of Tourism Authority of Thailand

Cver from Thailand. Thank you, Terdsak.

2010.9.14. Czech - 150 Years Alfons Mucha

Cover from Czech. The stamp presents the graphic version of Alfons Mucha's poster Zodiac. There are some information from Czech Post official website: The first stamp, with a portrait called Gismonda, is identified with the letter E, i.e. it can be used in the European service. The other stamp, with the world famous Mucha's painting of Zodiac, is identified with the letter Z. It can be used in the overseas service (non-European countries), with priority International Ordinary Item up to 20g. Each booklet contains six stamps. The price of a booklet with E- and Z-stamps is CZK 102 or 108, respectively. Each stamp can be used separately or, like stamps identified with a value, several stamps identified with a letter can be combined together to pay the price of postage in domestic or international service. The price of letter Z=18CZK, E=17CZK and A=10CZK. Thank you, Martin.

2010.9.9. New Caledonia - Great Ferns Park

Cover from New Caledonia. Two stamps was from a mini-sheet that was issued in Aug.2010. Thank you, Jean Pierre.


2010.9.9. Austria - Mother Teresa

FDC from Austria to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mother Teresa. Thank you, Florian.

2010.9.7. Romania - Happy Holiday

Cover from Romania. Thank you, Jean Pierre.


2010.9.7. Mayotte - The Basketry

Cover from Mayotte posted on 27.Aug.2010. Thank you, Jean Pierre.


2010.9.7. USA - Animal Rescue

Cover from USA. Thank you, Mr. Ashmead.

2010.9.7. New Caledonia - World EXPO 2010 Shanghai

Cover from New Caledonia. The stamp on left was to commemorate the Va'a World Championships that been held from 25 to 29 May 2010 in New Caledonia. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2010.9.7. Japan - Baba Family Residence

Cover from Japan. The 80 Yen stamp presents the Baba's house in Matsumoto. This important structure, built at the end of the Edo Period, was the home of a wealthy farming family descended from samurai. The main residence, which was built in the typical Matsumoto area style of folk architecture, and the beautiful small garden have been preserved for display to the public. Not only the building itself, but also all of its natural surroundings have been designated as Important Cultural Property. Thank you, Minoru.

2010.9.3. Turkey - Locomotives

Two covers from Turkey. Thank you, Ahmet.


2010.9.1. USA - Negro Leagues Baseball

Cover from USA posted in 18.AUG.2010 from Indiana, USA. Thank you, Tim.

2010.9.1. Burkina Faso - Traditional activities

Cover from Burkina Faso. Stamps present some traditional activities. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2010.9.1. India - Media Post

Aerogramme from India. It has a commecial Ad on its back called "MediaPost" in India and was released in 2002. Thank you, Dr.P.G.

2010.9.1. Myanmar - World Metrological Day 2000

Cover from Myanmar mailed in 25.AUG.10. Original cover was a FDC in commemorative the world metrological day 2000. Thank you, Ko.

2010.9.1. Croatia - Geological Survey 100 years

Postal card from Croatia. It was to commemorate the Croatia geological survey 100 years. Thank you, Dragan.

2010.9.1. Malaysia - Traditional Festive Food

Cover from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Thank you, Ibrahim.

2010.9.1. Indonesia - President and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia

FDC from Indonesia. 17.08.2010 was the day of the 65th anniversary of Indonesia's Independence Day. POS Indonesia issued two stamps and a miniature sheet to commemorate this specail day. Thank you, Hidayat.

2010.9.1. France - Mill of Daudet Fontvieille

Cover from France. The stamp presents a mill is from a miniature sheet which was issued in 15.6.2010. Thank you, Jean Pierre.


2010.8.27. Thailand - Guardian of the Temple

Cover from Thailand. This set was issued in 2.Apr.2008. to commemorate Thai Heritage Conservation Day 2008 and to enhance public awareness of the importance and value of national arts. Thank you, Apichati

2010.8.27. Thailand - 25th Asian International Stamp Exhibition

Cover from Thailand affixed completed set of "25th Asian International Stamp Exhibition" commemorative stamps. This set was issued in 25.Feb.2010. and illustrating the paintings which won the prizes in the BANGKOK 2010 25th Asian International Stamp Exhibition Commemorative Stamp painting competition, under the theme of “Fantasy World”. Thank you, Chakorn.

2010.8.27. Japan - Tokoname Ware Festival

Cover from Tokoname, Japan with special postal cancellation "44th Tokoname Ware Festival". Thank you, Minoru.

2010.8.27. India - Sandalwood

Cover from India. The mini-sheet was issued in 13.Dec.2006 that depicts a beautiful woodcarving of sandalwood. Sandalwood is the most commonly used incense material by the Chines and Japanese in worship and various ceremonies. Thank you, Dr. P.G.K.


2010.8.24. Malaysia - Traditional foods

Beautiful scenery envelope from Ipoh, Malysia. Thank you, K K Khor.

2010.8.24. Latvia - The Riga Castle

Postcard from Riga, Latvia. Thank you, Oleg.

2010.8.24. Germany - Liners

An amazing FDC from Germany. Thank you, Martin.

2010.8.24. Estonia - Swans

A parcel from Estonia. Thank you, Pirjo.

2010.8.24. Andorra - Classic Cars

Cover from Andorra with two classic cars. Thank you, Jean Pierre.