2010.3.26. Malaysia - Ferns

Nice cover from Malaysia with latest issue. Thank you, Kok Keong.

2010.3.24. Slovakia - Matthew Czak

Nice cover form Slovakia. Thank you, Milos.

2010.3.24. H.K. - Fujian Tulou

Cover from Honf Kong with specail postal cancellations "Fujian Tulou". Thank you, Brian.

2010.2.24. Estonia - EXPO 2010 SHANGHAI

FDC from Estonia. Thank you, Pirjo.

2010.3.26. Italy - Made in Italy

Beautiful FDC from Italy to celebrate the 100 years of Alfa Romeo. Thank you, Fabio.


2010.3.19. Myanmar - 59th Anniversary of Independence Day

Registered cover from Myanmar. Main stamp was issued in 2007 to commemorate 59th Anniversary of Independence Day. Thank you, U Aung Ko.

2010.3.19. France - Giant Panda

Cover from France. Thank you.

2010.3.19. Czech - Chairmanship in the EU Council

Cover from Czech. Presidency of the Council of the European Union is held for a 6 months' term, always by one of the member countries, in a set order. The Czech Republic held this office from January to June 2009. Thank you, Mr. Pinkava.

2010.3.19. Indonesia - Bali

Beautiful postcard from Bali, Indonesia. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.

2010.3.19. Malaysia - One Malaysia pre-paid postcard

Pre-paid postcard from Malaysia features the slogan "One Malaysia". Thank you, Kok Keong.

2010.3.19. SP & M - Richard Bartlett

Amazing postcard from Saint-Pierre & Miquelon. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.

2010.3.19. Turkey - Vancouver 2010

Cover from Izmir, Turkey to commemorate 2010 Olympic winter game. Thank you, Ahmet.


2010.3.12. India Hertiages

Cover from India. Had introduced before. Thank you, Dr. Krishnamurthy.

2010.3.12. Mayotte

Nice postcard from Mayotte affixed two recent stamps. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.

2010.3.12. Singapore - Zodiac Series - Tiger

Cover from Singapore with one zodiac series and two 2007 issues. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.

2010.3.12. Japan - Snoopy

Cover from Japan with pictorial postl cancellation and new issue Snoopy stamp. This one is part of a sheet of 10 stamps that was issued in 3-Mar-2010. Thank you, Mr.Tanabe.

2010.3.12. Germany - Home-grown fruit - blueberry

Cover from Bielefeld, Germany dated in 22.Feb.10 affixed the series "For the welfare". The first issue day was 2.Jan.10. Thank you, Martin.


2010.3.5. Croatia - 150th Anniversary of the birth of IVAN VUČETIĆ

Cover from Croatia to commemorate the 150th ANNIVERSARY OF THE BIRTH OF IVAN VUČETIĆ. Thank you, Tomislav.

2010.3.5. Latvia - Coats of Arms - Smiltene

Cover from Latvia with two stamps. Left stamp is from a set of 2 of 2009 Christmas series. Thank you, Mr. Skleinov. If you read this post, please contact me by e-mail or leave a comment. I need your clear address.

2010.3.5. Estonia - Lesser butterfly orchid

FDC from Estonia. The lesser butterfly orchid (Platanthera bifolia) is one of the most common and also one the most favourite Estonian orchids. It can be found almost anywhere in the country but slightly more frequently in wetland meadows and sparse woods in Western Estonia.

2010.3.5. Malaysia - Malaysia-Korea joint issue

Malaysia post issued this set of stamps to commemorate to 50th anniversary of Malaysia and Korea deplomatic relations. Thank you, Kok Keong.


2010.2.26. Pictairn Islands

Postcard from Pictairn islands. Thank you friend.

2010.2.26. Russia - Happy New Year

Cover from Ufa, Russia. Thank you, Rashit.

2010.2.26. Croatia - Croatian Flora

Nice cover from Croatia. This set of stamp was issued in 20.Mar.2008. Thank you, Tomislav.

2010.2.26. Estonia - Post Horn

FDC from Estonia. The first definitive stamps after the restoration of Estonian independence, featuring the coat of arms of the country (three leopards), were issued on 1 October 1991. Such stamps were issued in a total of 29 denominations. 22 October 1999 saw the issue of definitive stamps in a slightly altered coat of arms design; they exist in 13 different face values. In 2004 Eesti Post launched the issue of definitive stamps featuring county coats of arms, all of them in the lowest domestic letter rate. Definitive stamps with face values above the lowest domestic letter rate began to be issued from February 2005. Featuring the Estonian national flag flying from the tip of the Pikk Hermann Tower, they were issued with four different face values. Definitive stamps with face values lower than the ordinary domestic letter rate were issued since September 2004 in four different flower designs and two face values. All the definitive stamps issued since September 2004 are self-adhesive. A new series of post horn definitive stamps in the same design but in different colours according to the face value will be launched in 2008. The first such stamp was issued on sale in all Estonia’s post offices from 10 January 2008. The stamp issued today is the fifth in the series.
Thank you, Pirjo.

2010.2.26. Malaysia - Traditional Wedding Costumes

Cover from Sabah, Malaysia. Thank you, Tze Liang.

2010.2.26. France - J. M. W. Turner

FDC from France to commemorate J. M. William Turner. Thank you, friend.

2010.2.26. Indonesia - Year of Tiger

Nice FDC from Indonesia. Thank you, Hidayat.

2010.2.26. India - Venkataramana Bhagvathar

FDC from India. Venkataramana Bhagvathar (1781-1874) was a great composer of Carnatic songs and a musician of eminence. Thank you, Saujanya.

2010.2.26. Hong Kong - Year of Tiger

Two nice FDCs from Hong Kong. Envelope was designed and printed by sender himself. Back of this two covers. Showing two playing tigers, very interesting. Thank you, Edward.

2010.2.26. Vancouver 2010

FDC from France. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.
FDC from Estonia. Thank you, Pirjo.


2010.2.12. Seychelles - 30th Anniversary of Independence

Postcard from Seychelles. The postcancellation bring a short slogan " KEEP A CLAEN ENVIRONMENT". Thank you my friend.

2010.2.12. Panama - ArtisticTreasures of Palacio de las Garzas

Nice cover from Panama. Thank you, Freddy.

2010.2.12. Japan - Hometown flower series - 5 edition

Nice cover form Japan. Prunus Mume & Primula japonica. Thank you, Mr.Tanabe.

2010.2.12. Estonia - 90th anniversary of Tartu Peace Treaty

FDC from Estonia to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Tartu Peace Treaty.
The Tartu Peace Treaty was signed on 2 February 1920 after two months of talks between delegations of the Republic of Estonia and Soviet Russia. The treaty ended the Estonian War of Independence (1918–1920) and officially confirmed the independence won on battlefields. By the treaty Russia voluntarily and for all time gave up “all rights of sovereignty that Russia had over the people and land of Estonia”. Jaan Poska, head of the Estonian delegation at the peace talks, had great services in negotiating favourable terms for his country.
Thank you, Pirjo.