Cover from France

Cover from France. Thank you, Emma.

Cover from Bulgaria

Nice cover with a beautiful postcard from Bulgaria. Thank you, Christina.

Cover from Netherlands

Cover from Netherlands. Boar and Woodpecker stamp were part of different sheet that issued in 6-July-2004 to introduce the living animals in Veluwe Nature Park. Thank you, Paul.


Cover from Ukraine

Cover form Ukraine with "R". Affixed 4 different value definitive postage stamps. The letter N means USD0.5, but I don't know why. Maybe someone could tell me the answer. Thanks my friend.

FDC from Indonesia

2 nice FDC from Indonesia. Thank you, Mr. Hidayat.


Cover from Mayotte

Cover from Mayotte, an overseas collectivity of France in Indian Ocean. Thank you, Mr.Maleret.

Cover from Estonia

Cover from Estonia. This mini-sheet was issued in 1994 to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Estonian song festivals. Thanks, Kristiina.

Nice cover circuit from Malaysia

Nice cover circuit from Malaysia. Thanks, Ibrahim.

Cover from Bulgaria

What marvelous cover from Bulgaria. The 1 lev shows the Rufous-tailed Rock-thrush, Monticola saxatilis and the 0.6 lev shows the Eurasian Woodcock, Scolopax rusticola.
Many thanks, Lilia.

Cover from Portugal

Nice cover exchange from Portugal. Thanks, Nuno.


Cover from Japan

Arashiyama, it's a very beautiful place in Kyoto, Japan. I have been to Kyoto many times. Hope all friends can visit there someday.
Cover from Japan with a new year greetings minisheet. Thank you, Hide.


Cover from Malaysia

Cover from Malaysia, Thanks, newrule.

Cover form Thailand

Cover form Thailand. Thanks, Terdsak.

Cover from France

Cover form France. Thanks, Thomas.


Cover form Singapore

Cover from Singapore, thanks Edmund.

Cover form China

A letter to China and stamp missing when my friend received it.
A friend sent me this letter enclosed one letter (first picture) I sent him in 20-Jan-09. He told me the letter had missed stamp when he received it. Entire cover was in good condition without any damage. I just wondered why the stamp would be lost buring the delivery way. It's really interesting.

WWF postal cancel mark

A postcrosser sent me a postcard from Germany with 2 stmaps and a special WWF cancellation.

FDC from Hong Kong

Amazing FDC from Hong Kong. Thanks, Edward.

Cover from Thailand

Cover from a LCC menber, thanks.