2009.12.25. Hong Kong - 2009 East Asian Games

FDC from Hong Kong to commemorate "2009 East Asian Game." Thank you, Edward.

2009.12.25 Czech - Christmas

A Christmas greetings cover from Czech just on time arrived in 25-Dec. Receiving a greetings cover or postcard during these holidays always makes people happy. Thank you, friend.

2009.12.25 Belgium - Natural

Nice cover form Belgium by LCC member. Affixed 4 stamps of same issue in 2008. It has two type plates, one for booklet and one for mini sheet. Thank you, friend.

2009.12.25 Algeria - National People's Army

Nice cover from Algeria. Original cover was used to commemorative National People's Army of Algeria. Thank you, Mr. Ouari.

2009.12.16 Slovakia - Louis Braille

FDC from Slovakia. Louis Braille was the inventor of braille a worldwide system used by blind and visually impaired people for reading and writing. Thank you, Milos.


2009.12.16 Philippines - Birds

NCC cover from Philippines. Thank you, friend.

2009.12.16 Malaysia - Spiders

Nice cover from Malaysia. Thank you, ronny.

2009.12.16 Japan

ICCC cover form Japan, thank you.

2009.12.4 Cocos Islands - Birds

Nice cover from Cocos Islands. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2009.12.11 U.S.A.

Christmas color cover from U.S.A. Thank you, Candy.

2009.12.11 Malaysia - New Definitives

Nice cover from Malaysia. Thank you, kok keong.

2009.12.11 Croatia - Insects

Nice cover from Croatia. Thank you, Tomislav.

2009.12.14 China

Nice cover form China. Thank you, Mr. Huang.

2009.12.4 Nouvelle Caledonie - 10 years of the Maritime Museum

Nice cover from Nouvelle Caledonie. Thank you, friend.

2009.12.4 New Zealand - TIMPEX 2009

A TIMPEX 2009 souvenir cover from New Zealand. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2009.12.11 Brazil - Christmas

Cover from Brazil, wish all friends a merry Christmas and wonderful new year 2010. Thank you, Rafael.

2009.12.4 Estonia - Christmas

Two FDC from Estonia brought me Christmas is coming soon. Thank you, Pirjo.


2009.12.04. Cyprus - Domestic Fowls

Official F.D.C.
Nice cover circuit from Cyprus. Thank you, Nasia.

2009.12.04 South Georgia - Bird Life

Map of South Georgia.
A postcard from a very rare see place, South Georgia. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.


2009.11.27. Turkey - The Castles

Official FDC.
New cover from Turkey affixed new stamp which was issued in 5-Nov-2009. Thank you, Mr. Demir.

2009.11.27 Malaysia - Menara Kuala Lumpur

Nice cover from Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur Tower is a landmark in this area. Thank you, Khor.

2009.11.27 Jordan - Quseir Amra UNESCO World Heritage

Nice cover form Jordan. The two larger stamps was issued in 15-Nov-2008 featuring Quseur Amra. Thank you, Mr. Maleret

2009.11.27 Czech

Nice cover form Czech sent by an LCC menber dated in 21-Nov-2009 . Thank you.

2009.11.27 India - Children's Day 2009

FDC from India. This subject is an annual issue in India Post. Thank you, sauj.

2009.11.27 Japan - Year of Tiger

FDC from Japan with new year greetings postage stamps. Thank you, Hide.