Brown Bear FDC from Estonia

New FDC and maxi card from Estonia. Very good collections for me, thank you, Muhv.


Certificate of delivery.

Certificate of delivery. Very special collection.
Registered cover from Myanmar. Thank you, Aung Ko.

Nice covers coming...

Cover from Croatia by LCC member. Thank you, friend.
From Thailand, Thank you, Terdsak.
From Italy by LCC menber. Thank you, friend.
From France. Merci, Mr. Maleret.



First flight cover? It looks like the first flight from Lisboa to Milano. It's quite rare for me. Thank you.
According to the left stamp, this cover was sent from the oldest post office. Very special cover, thanks.
Cover from H.K. with a big traffic jam. Funny cover, thank you, Edward.

New nice cover coming.

An aerogramme from Thailand. Very special material for my collection, thank you Terdsak.
RR cover from China. Thank you, JK.
Cover from Slovakia to commemorate "Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava 2009". Thank you, Milos.


World Environment Day FDC fromTurkey

Two covers from Finland and Russia for circuit cover club. Thanks, friends.
Thank you Mr. Demir.