2013.2.5. China - Ocean petroleum

Cover from China. Thank you, Wu.

2013.2.5. Germany - Castles

Cover from Germany affixed two new germany castle series. Thank you, Martin.

2013.2.5. Hong Kong - Year of the Snake

Three covers from Hong Kong. Thank you, Brian and Edward.

2012.12.21. Hong Kong - The 150th anniversary of stamp issuance

Three covers from Hong Kong to celebrate the 150th anniversary of stamp issuance. Thank you, Alan and Edward.

2012.12.21. Venezuela - Bicentennial of Independence

Cover from Venezuela. The stamps issued for celebrating bicentennial of independence of Venezuela. Thank you, Mr. Ferrer.

2012.12.21. U.S.A. - Christmas

Cover from U.S.A. Thank you, Ms Welch.

2012.12.21. Malta - Archaeology

Cover from Malta. Three stamps present beautiful treasure from different periods in Malta. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2012.12.21. Malaysia - Children's hobbies

Cover from Malaysia posted on 12-12-12. Thank you, kkkhor.

2012.12.21. Germany - Architecture

Cover from Germany posted on 12-12-12. Thank you, Martin.


2012.12.21. Algeria - The 50th anniversary of Algerian stamp issuance

Cover from Algeria. Thank you, Mr. Ouandjli.

2012.12.14. Hong Kong - The 150th anniversary of stamp issuance

FDC from Hong Kong. Thank you, Brian.

2012.12.14. Madagascar - Native plants

Cover from Madagascar. My first cover from this country. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2012.12.14. Japan - New Year Character

Cover from Japan. Thank you, Minoru.