2010.7.22. USA - Monarch

FDC from USA. Butterfly is a very popular subject for stamp collectors. Thank you, A.W.Welch.

2010.7.22. Nauru - Tristellateia

Registered cover from Nauru, an island country located in Pacific ocean. Miss Chao who sent me this cover is working in Nauru. Thank you very much, Miss Chao.

2010.7.22. Malaysia - Cameron Highlands

Postcard from Brinchang, Pahang, Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor.

2010.7.22. Malaysia - Threatened Habitats

FDC from Malaysia. Thank you, KKKhor.

2010.7.22. H.K. - International Year of Biodiversity

Official FDC and special postal cancellation for this event form Hong Kong. Thank you, Brian.

2010.7.22. H.K. - Biodiversity

Registered FDC from HONG KONG. 2010 is the year of Biodiversity. There ar many countries have issue stamps for this event. Thank you, Edward.


2010.7.19. Thailand - View of Bangkok

Postcard from Thailand presents multi-view of Bangkok.

2010.7.19. Malaysia - Lighthouse

One more cover have lighthouse from Malaysia. Thank you, newrules.

2010.7.19. Germany - Lighthouses

FDC from Germany with two lighthouses stamps, "Neuwerk" and "Falshoft", were released in 10.July.2010. Thank you, Martin.

2010.7.15. Ukraine - Lighthouses

Cover from Ukraine with many lighthouses. Thank you, Sergey.

2010.7.15. Turkey - The Sultan's Boat

Cover from Turkey. This cover used two definitives and one special issue released in 2009 "The Sultan's Boat". Thank you, Umut.

2010.7.15. Turkey - Chaffinch and Goldcrest

Cover from Turkey. Two bird stamps were issued in 2004 and invalid for postage now. The stamp on left-below was issued in 5.Jun.2010 from a set of four stamps issue of 2010 environment day. Thank you, Ahmet.

2010.7.15. Slovakia - Cypripedium

Cover from Slovakia. Thank you, Michal.

2010.7.9. Myanmar - 60th Anniversary of China - Myanmar Diplomatic Relationship

Cover from Myanmar dated 2.JUL.10. This cover has a rare clear date cancellation in my Myanmar letters. Thank you, Aung Ko.


2010.7.9. Germany -Eifel National Park

Cover from Schmolln, Germany. This minisheet presents the image of Eifel National Park. Thank you, Manfred.


2010.7.9. Argentina - IRB Junior World Championship Argentina 2010

Cover from Argentina affixed many colourful stmaps. This is my first cover from Argentina. Thank you, German.

2010.7.9. Japan - FIFA 1978 Argentina Official Poster

Cover from Nagoya, Japan. This stamp featured official poster in 1978 FIFA world cup Argentina. Thank you, Minoru.

2010.7.15. Ukraine - Locomotives

Cover from Ukraine. Stamps featured four kinds of locomotives. Thank you, Sergey.

2010.7.9. Malaysia - Garden Flowers

Cover from Malaysia with new tariff denominations of definitives. Thank you, KKKhor.

2010.7.9. Malaysia - Malayan Railways

FDC from Malaysia to celebrate KTM 125 years anniversary. Thank you, KKKhor.


2010.7.9. Thailand - Int'l Letter Writing Week 2003

Cover from Thailand. These stamps were issued from 1998 to 2008. Thank you Chakorn.

2010.7.9. Germany - Football

Cover from Germany affixed three different years soccer stamps. This cover only spent four days on the trip from Germany to Taiwan. Thank you, Martin.


2010.6.30. Poland - Protection of the Baltic Sea

Cover form Poland affixed complete set of stamps released in 28.Apr.1998. Thank you, Roman.

2010.6.30. Netherlands Antilles - Year of Tiger 2010

Cover from Curacao, the Netherlands Antilles. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2010.6.30. Japan - Red Cross

Cover from Japan. This stamp featured Henry Dunant. Thank you, Minoru.

2010.6.30. Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur

Postcard from Malaysia presents the view of Kuala Lumpur. Thank you, KKKhor.

2010.6.30. India - The Bible Society of India

Cover from India dated 21.6.2010. with special pictorial potal cancellations. Thank you, Sauj.

2010.6.30. India - Ancient Art - House

Cover from India with horses . Thank you, Dr. Krishnamurthy.

2010.6.30. Hong Kong - Characteristic Streets

Official FDC with special postal cancellation. Thank you, Brain.
Registered FDC (Date of issue: 24.6.2010) from Hong Kong affixed whole set of new issue of Characteristic Streets. This is a hand-made cover design by sender himself. Very unique. Thank you, Edward.

2010.6.30. Croatia - Peony

Cover from Croatia affixed beautiful stamps. The minisheet was issued in 8.Mar.2010 featured two kinds of peony. The left two stamps was another issue in 15.Mar.2010. presented Croatian ethnographic heritages. Thank you, Josip.

2010.6.30. Brazil - FIFA 2010

Cover from Brazil affixed 2010 FIFA commemorative stamp. Thank you, Rafael.

2010.6.25. New Zealand - Kiwi Stamp

Cover from New Zealand dated 18.Jun.2010. Outer this cover has two kind of definitive stamps. The scene stamp was released in 2006. The Kiwi Stamp is a new idea of New Zealand Post. It has no denomination and can be used for a domestic standard letter. Thank you, Mr. Cox.


2010.6.22. Polynesia - Whale

One beautiful postcard from Tahiti. Maybe we all need a vacation. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2010.6.22. Luxemburg - sepac 2009

Cover from Luxemburg affixed 2009 sepac commemorative stamps. Thank you, friend.

2010.6.22. Japan - FIFA 2010

Complete sheet.
Cover from Aichi, Japan. The stamp was issued on 31.May.2010 from a big sheet. Thank you, Minoru.


2010.6.25. Indonesia - World Environment Day 2010

Official first day cover from Indonesia to commemorate 2010 World Environment Day. Thank you, Hidayat.

2010.6.25. India - Animals

Cover from India with pictorial cancellation. All cover full of animals. Thank you, sauj.

2010.6.17. Wallis et Futuna - Corals

Cover from Wallis et Futuna with new issue coral stamps. Thank you very much, Jean Perre.

2010.6.17. New Zealand - Holiday Hideaways

Cover from Wanganui, New Zealand. This cover affixed three different types stamps. There were released in 1991, sheep then Queen Elizabeth II, 2001 and Holiday hideaways, 2002. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Hooper.