2009.12.25. Hong Kong - 2009 East Asian Games

FDC from Hong Kong to commemorate "2009 East Asian Game." Thank you, Edward.

2009.12.25 Czech - Christmas

A Christmas greetings cover from Czech just on time arrived in 25-Dec. Receiving a greetings cover or postcard during these holidays always makes people happy. Thank you, friend.

2009.12.25 Belgium - Natural

Nice cover form Belgium by LCC member. Affixed 4 stamps of same issue in 2008. It has two type plates, one for booklet and one for mini sheet. Thank you, friend.

2009.12.25 Algeria - National People's Army

Nice cover from Algeria. Original cover was used to commemorative National People's Army of Algeria. Thank you, Mr. Ouari.

2009.12.16 Slovakia - Louis Braille

FDC from Slovakia. Louis Braille was the inventor of braille a worldwide system used by blind and visually impaired people for reading and writing. Thank you, Milos.


2009.12.16 Philippines - Birds

NCC cover from Philippines. Thank you, friend.

2009.12.16 Malaysia - Spiders

Nice cover from Malaysia. Thank you, ronny.

2009.12.16 Japan

ICCC cover form Japan, thank you.

2009.12.4 Cocos Islands - Birds

Nice cover from Cocos Islands. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2009.12.11 U.S.A.

Christmas color cover from U.S.A. Thank you, Candy.

2009.12.11 Malaysia - New Definitives

Nice cover from Malaysia. Thank you, kok keong.

2009.12.11 Croatia - Insects

Nice cover from Croatia. Thank you, Tomislav.

2009.12.14 China

Nice cover form China. Thank you, Mr. Huang.

2009.12.4 Nouvelle Caledonie - 10 years of the Maritime Museum

Nice cover from Nouvelle Caledonie. Thank you, friend.

2009.12.4 New Zealand - TIMPEX 2009

A TIMPEX 2009 souvenir cover from New Zealand. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2009.12.11 Brazil - Christmas

Cover from Brazil, wish all friends a merry Christmas and wonderful new year 2010. Thank you, Rafael.

2009.12.4 Estonia - Christmas

Two FDC from Estonia brought me Christmas is coming soon. Thank you, Pirjo.


2009.12.04. Cyprus - Domestic Fowls

Official F.D.C.
Nice cover circuit from Cyprus. Thank you, Nasia.

2009.12.04 South Georgia - Bird Life

Map of South Georgia.
A postcard from a very rare see place, South Georgia. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.


2009.11.27. Turkey - The Castles

Official FDC.
New cover from Turkey affixed new stamp which was issued in 5-Nov-2009. Thank you, Mr. Demir.

2009.11.27 Malaysia - Menara Kuala Lumpur

Nice cover from Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur Tower is a landmark in this area. Thank you, Khor.

2009.11.27 Jordan - Quseir Amra UNESCO World Heritage

Nice cover form Jordan. The two larger stamps was issued in 15-Nov-2008 featuring Quseur Amra. Thank you, Mr. Maleret

2009.11.27 Czech

Nice cover form Czech sent by an LCC menber dated in 21-Nov-2009 . Thank you.

2009.11.27 India - Children's Day 2009

FDC from India. This subject is an annual issue in India Post. Thank you, sauj.

2009.11.27 Japan - Year of Tiger

FDC from Japan with new year greetings postage stamps. Thank you, Hide.


2009.11.13 Israel - Aircraft industries 50 years

Cover form Israel to Taipei without cancellation arrived in 11.13.2009. Thank you, Mylene.

2009.11.13 Faroe Islands - Postcard

Postcard from Faroe Islands. I never heard about this place before got this postcard. What a wonderful suprise. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.


2009.11.11 Netherlands

Cover sent from Netherlands by LCC menber. Thank you.

2009.11.11 India - Heritage stations of India

Nice cover from India affixed 4 "Heritage stations of India" stamps. Thank you, Shrikant.

2009.11.11 Hong Kong - Football joint issue with Brazil

New FDC from Hong Kong. Thank you, Edward.

2009.11.11 Christmas Island - Noisy Scrub-bird

Golf Course in Christman Island.
Postcard from Christmas Island. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.

2009.11.11 Austria - Common Kingfisher

Same subject of Taiwan post which was issued in 1991.
Cover from Austria arrived in 2009.11.11, sent by LCC member. Thank you.


2009.11.05 Estonia - Estonian Mills. ANGLA WINDMILL

New fdc from Estonia. The Angla windmills lie in Angla Village at the Upa-Leisi road, one of the main traffic and tourist routes of Estonia's western Saaremaa Island. Thank you, Pirjo.


2009.11.5 Indonesia - Joint issue with Singapore

Indonesia and Singapore joint issue stamp cover. Thank you, Hidayate.

2009.11.5 Mayotte

Beatiful cover from Mayotte. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.


2009.10.30 India - R.K.Narayan FDC

New nice FDC from India to commemorate R.K.Narayan who was an Indian author. Thank you, sauj.
There is another cover from India at the same day was sent by a L.C.C. friend. He used some "Help Fight TB" stamps. These stamps were not for prepaid postage, they were using to collect funds to prevent tuberculosis. In my childhood, we could bought such stamp in school or post office, but now is no longer to see. Thank you Sir for this special cover.


2009.10.23 Bulgaria - First Moon Landing

Nice cover from Sofia, Bulgaria. Thank you, Christina.

2009.10.30 Brazil - LUBRAPEX 2009

Very nice cover from Brazil with whole mini sheet. Thank you so much, Alves.