Cover from Brazil

Beautiful cover and postcard from Brazil. Thank you, Rafael.

FDC from Japan

One new FDC form Japan. Thank you, Hide.

Cover from India

Cover from India. Thank you, Saujanya.

Cover form France

Cover from France enclosed one very nice maxicard. Thank you, TC.

HONG KONG 2009 - 23rd Asian International Stamp Exhibition

Covers with "HONG KONG 2009 - 23rd Asian International Stamp Exhibition" daily theme postmarks. Thank you, Edward.


Cover from the Netherlands

Cover from The Netherlands included beautiful postcard. Thank you, Pbesoo.

Cover from Italy

Cover from Italy with an art topic minisheet. Thank you, angelus86.

New FDC from Estonia

New FDC from Estonia. 275th Anniversary of the Rapina paper mill, one of the oldest industrial enterprises in Estonia. Thank you, Muhv.

Cover from Turkey

Cover from Turkey with some old LIRA postage stamps. I just wondered how much do they cost for postage, maybe I need to write a letter to ask my friend. Thank you.

Two FDCs from Indonesia

Two FDCs from Indonesia, above one is to celebrate 2009 world stamp exhibition in China and below one is to commemorate 2009 World Ocean Conference in Manado, Indonesia. Thank you, Hidayat.


Cover from Australia

Cover from Australia with a special mark on right-bottom corner " MISSSENT TO MALAYSIA". I have some covers with related mark "Misssent to Thailand", but "to Malaysia" is my first one. Thank you, Anna.

Cover from Thailand

Cover from Thailand with complete set of "Royay Headgear" postage stamps which were issued in 6-Apr-2009. Thank you, Terdsak.

Cover from USA

Cover from USA. Lovely Queen and King look at each other with love. Yes, all we need is love, love, love. Thank you, Craig.

Cover from Portugal

Cover form Portugal. Thank you, Andre.

Cover from Italy

Cover from Italy without postal cancellations. Thank you, Fabio.

Postcard from Hungary

A beautiful postcard from Budapest, capital of Hungary. My first item from this country. Many thanks, Mr. Maleret.

FDC form Japan

One nice FDC and a beautiful postcard from Japan. Thank you, Hide.

Covers from India

Two nice covers from India. Thank you, Sir.

Cover from Belarus

Cover from Belarus. Thank you, troublik.

Covers from Ukraine

Two letters from Ukraine. Thank you, Mr. Linchevsky.

FDCs from Estonia

Two nice FDCs from Estonia with 2009 EUROPA year of Astronomy. Thank you, Muhv.


Cover from Belguim

Cover from Belguim. Thank you, Mr. Chabotier.

Postcard from Nouvelle-Caledonie

Postcard from Nouvelle-Caledonie, more details about this beautiful place, please visit:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nouvelle-Caledonie. Thank you, Mr. Jean Pierre.

Cover from Hong Kong

Marvelous cover from Hong Kong with two miniature sheet which is to celebrate "2009 world stamp exhibition in China". Thank you, Edward.


Cover with pictorial cancellation from Brazil

Another nice cover from Brazil with special pictorial cancellation. Thank you, Valeria.

Cover from Brazil

I am so envious of you living in such beautiful places.
Cover from Brazil dated 21.Apr.2009 with brazilian new issue for "Preserve the Polar regions and the Glaciers". Thank you, Rafael.

Cover from Turkey

Cover from Turkey dated in 27.3.2009 and arrived in 4.5.2009. Although there are many airplanes on this cover but still couldn't make it faster to its destination. Thank you, Mr. Demir.

Cover from Switzerland

Cover from Switzerland. The single stamp was issued in 5.3.2009 to celebrate 500th anniversary of the birth of Jean Calvin and the miniature sheet was issued in 21.11.2008 to celebrate the 2008 stamps day in Bellinzona. Thank you, Thomas.

Cover from Malaysia

Cover from Malaysia dated 23-Apr-2009. Thank you, Nurulhuda.


Cover from Liechtenstein

The Printer's Art. Issue date: 2009.3.2.
My first cover from Liechtenstein. Thank you Vural.

Indonesia Preserve the Polar regions and Glaciers

A cover from Indonesia with new issue "Preserve the Polar regions and Glaciers" mini sheet. This subject is very important today. It has becomes globe concern now. Thank you Mr. Hidayat.