Beijing 2008

Two Olympic Games 2008 commemorative covers from Portugal and Bulgaria, thanks Andre and Dimitar.


Butterfly from India

Butterfly from India. Thanks, Dr.Krishnamurthy.

8-AUG-2008 Peiking

Special cancellation post mark number 8-8-08. From Indonesia and Hong Kong. Thanks my friends.

Amazing Thailand

This cover used 5 stamps on it. Block 4 was issued in 11-Jul-08. It's Amazing Thailand 2nd series. The left one was issued in 1997 and was joined issue with Singapore.


Dragon boat racing FDC from Malaysia

6th IDBF(International Dragon Boat Festival) club crew world championship 2008.
Dragon boat racing is a team sport that originates from China and is now shared and enjoyed by people all around the world. Thanks, Yoon.


Some postcards

I received some postcards from postcrosser. I especially like the painting card from Finland. Thanks, postcrossers.

From Mauritius

This cover makes me suprised. This "Stone Buildings" was issued in 9-Oct-2005. Mauritius is a island country located in southwest Indian Ocean. I just can imaging there must be very beautiful. Thank you so much, miss Tegally.