2012.2.1. Estonia - Oskar Luts and Population census

7 January 2012 is the 125th birth anniversary of the author Oskar Luts. A good skill of listening acquired from his grandfather as well as his excellent memory helped him when going to the parish school at Palamuse and later as a writer. At just 25 years old Oskar Luts, who had earlier penned only a few lines of poetry, authored „Spring“, a book that made him famous all over the country overnight. Based on the memories of his school years Luts describes life at an Estonian village school at the end of the 19th century, peppered with humour and touching scenes of young love. It was a work that critics initially looked down upon but has survived through numerous editions and generations of enthusiasts have seen it in several stage versions and in a popular movie. The book has been translated into 13 languages. The school Oskar Luts once went to at Palamuse is now a museum of late 19th century school life, bringing it alive through the medium of Spring.
A population and housing census began on December 31 in Estonia for the 11th time and will last until March 31, 2012. During the three months all the present residents of Estonia and their housing will be counted. The census is the only survey that provides comprehensive statistics on how many residents there are in Estonia, and in what areas and in what conditions they live. The first census in Estonia took place in 1881, and the last one in 2000. In the census of 1959 the data were processed with a computer for the first time. On the initiative of the United Nations residents of most world countries were counted in 2010 and 2011, with no census organised in only six countries. Thank you, Pirjo for these two FDCs.

2012.2.1. Mayotte - From the future

Cover received on 1st Feb 2012 from Mayotte with future date cancellations. The correct date should be 31.12.2011, and I guess it must put the wrong year on the cancellation. Anyway, it's a very special cover. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2012.2.1. Malaysia - Traditional festive food

Cover from Malaysia use two stamps depict the Chinese festive food. thank you, Nurulhuda

2012.2.1. Germany - Dr. August Oetker

Cover from Germany with a special cancellation to celebrate the 150th birthday of August Oetker, a very famous people from Bielefeld, Germany. Thank you, Martin.

2012.2.1. Indonesia - Year of the Dragon

Another two beautiful covers from Indonesia depict the year of the dragon. Thank you, Hidayat.

2012.2.1. Hong Kong - Year of the Dragon

Two beautiful covers from Hong Kong. Alan did not have time to sent them in the first issue day, but they still are good covers. Thank you, Alan.


2012.1.20. Japan - Spring greeting

Greeting card from Japan. Thank you, Minoru.

2012.1.20. Malaysia - Legacy of the loom

(Back of cover)
FDC from Malaysia depicts different kind of looms. Thank you, Siew Lan.

2012.1.20. India - Archaeological survey

Cover from India. Thank you, Saujanya.

2012.1.20. Ukraine - Animals

Cover from Ukraine. Thank you, Sergey.

2012.1.20. Germany - Winter holiday

Jasmund national park.
Two beautiful fdcs from Germany. Thank you, Martin.

2012.1.20. Hong Kong - Year of the Dragon

Official FDC from Hong Kong. Thank you, Brian.


2012.1.20. China - Year of the Dragon

Official FDC from China. Thank you, Liu.


2012.1.13. Malaysia - Christ Church

Postcard from Malacca, Malaysia. Thank you, David.

2012.1.13. Liechtenstein - Whinchat

Cover from Liechtenstein with two WWF stamps. Thank you, Vural.

2012.1.13. China - Year of the Dragon

FDC from China. Thank you, Wu.

2012.1.11. Germany - Jewels

Two FDCs from Germany. Thank you, Martin.

2012.1.6. Hong Kong - Special Attractions of Hong Kong

Cover from Hong Kong. Thank you, Alan.

2012.1.6. Algeria - Koelreuteria paniculata

Cover from Algeria. Thank you, Mr. Ouandjli.

2012.1.6. U.A.E. - Falcons

Cover from U.A.E. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2012.1.6. Czech - Vaclav Havel (1936-2011)

Cover from Czech with special postal cancellations to commemorate the former president of Czech republic, Vaclav Havel. Thank you, Radim.

2012.1.6. Mauritius - Biological control

Cover from Mauritius. Thank you, David.

2012.1.6. Philippines - Dia Del Galeon Festival 2010

Cover from Philippines with a souvenir sheet. Thank you, Anette.