2010.8.19. Italy - Collages and Universities

Cover from Italy. The stamp is dedicated to an Italian school of classical study in Varese. Thank you, Micio.

2010.8.19. India - Commonwealth Games DELHI 2010

Cover from India. Thank you, Dr. P.G.Krishnamurthy.

2010.8.19. China - Wall Paintings of Kucha

Cover from China used complete set of "Wall Paintings of Kucha(龜茲) " which were released in 2008. Thank you, WU.

2010.8.19. Brazil - Maritime Shells

Cover from Brazil. Thank you, Rafael.

2010.8.17. Estonia - Estonian manor halls: Hiiu Suuremõisa

FDC from Estonia. The Suuremõisa, originally Pühhalep (Pühalepa), Manor on Hiiumaa Island was established in about the 15th century as an economic unit of the Livonian Order. After passing into the ownership of the King of Sweden, it belonged to different noblemen’s families and then to the Russian Imperial Crown, until Countess Ebba Margaretha von Stenbock bought it in 1755 and had the present two-storied baroque mansion with a high basement and a mansard built (the main building with mansard roof was completed in 1750 and the wings and a outhouses in 1772). In 18796 the manor passed into the ownership of the Ungern-Sternbergs, from whom the property was alienated under the Republic of Estonia Land Reform Act in 1919. Suuremõisa is regarded as the most stylish manor ensemble in Estonia. The manor had numerous outhouses (some of them destroyed) and a large park at the back of the house. The manor hall of 64 rooms has stucco decorations, ceiling pieces, an arching main staircase in two flights, a baroque door with beautiful carvings and other carved details in various parts of the building. The main building today serves as a basic school and a secondary specialised school.
Thank you, Pirjo.


Official FDC from Croatia. Thank you, Tomislav.

2010.8.17. Croatia - Locomotives

Cover from Croatia. Locomotive is a popular thematic in stamp collection. Thank you, Tomislav.

2010.8.13. Italy - Justice & Winter

Cover exchange from Italy. Two stamps are paintings and were issued in 1977. Thank you, Micio.

2010.8.13. Andorra - Natura morta

Cover from Andorra. The stamp features a painting by Carme Massana. Thank you, Jean-Pierre.


2010.8.11. Malawi - Faces of Malawi

Postcard from Malawi. My first material from this African country. Thank you, Bruce & Jean-Pierre.


2010.8.6. Zambia - Map of Zambia

Postcard from Lusaka, Zambia. Thank you, Bruce & Jean-Pierre.

2010.8.6. Czech - 700 years since the succession of the Luxembourgs to the Czech throne

Cover from Czech posted on 30.7.2010. This common Czech and Luxembourg issue, featuring John of Luxembourg and Elisabeth of Bohemia, commemorates the 700 years since the succession of the Luxembourgs to the Czech throne. Thank you, Mr.M.Pinkava.

2010.8.6. France - Saint-Malo:La cite corsaire

A postage-paid envelope from France. Thank you, Jean Pierre.


2010.8.6. Malaysia - Grand Knight of Valour

FDC from Malasia posted on 31.Jul.2010. Thank you, KKKhor.

2010.8.6. Slovakia - The Seven Saints : St Clement

FDC from Slovakia posted on 27.Jul.2010. St. Clement was often called Clement Bulgarian, Ohrid, Macedonian or simply Slavic due to his origin or places where he was active. Thank you, Milos.

2010.8.6. USA - Abstract Expressionist

Cover from USA sent on 26.JUL.2010. This cover used the same issue that posted before. Thank you, Candy.


2010.8.2. Japan - Heisei 22.2.2.

Above card: Tsurumi, Yokohama. Below card: Landmark Tower, Yokohama.Two postcards with specail pictorial date cancellation from Japan. Heisei 22 year is 2010 in Japan ear name. There will be the same situation in Taiwan next month. A.D. 2010 in Taiwan is Minguo 99 years, the date cancellation in 9.Sep.2010 will be shown of 99.9.9. in domestic post cancellation. Maybe I can make some postcards for my friends. Thank you, Hide.

2010.8.2. Japan - Native Flowers

Complete sheet.
Cover from Machida, Japan dated 27.Jul.2010. Two stamps were the Native Flowers series, this set were issued in 30.Apr.2010. from a set of five stamps. Thank you, Hide.

2010.8.2. Czech Republic - Mushrooms

Nice cover from Czech Republic affixed complete set of four mushrooms stamps. These stamps were issued in 28. Jun. 2000. Thank you, Mr. Pinkava.


2010.8.2. Argentina - FIFA2010

Nice cover from Argentina. We all knew the Spain got the final champion, but Argentina had a good score, too. Thank you, German.


2010.7.30. Jersey - Chiffchaff

Cover from Jersey affixed just one bird stamp. This one is from a set of six stamps of woodland birds issued in 1.4.2010. Thank you, friend.

2010.7.30. China - Writing Fine Art

Registered cover from China. Wu used two pairs of Chinese writing art stamps on this cover. Thank you, Wu.

2010.7.30. Ukraine - Mount Goverla

Mount Goverla is the highest mountain of the Ukrainian (Carpaty), it height is 2061 m. Located in Rakhiv region of the Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions.
Postcard from Ukraine presents the view of Mt. Goverla. Thank you, Rogovska.

2010.7.30. France - Paris

Postcard from France shows the night view of Paris. Thank you, Louise.

2010.7.30. South Africa - Improvement of Local Stock

Cover from South Africa. It took me almost ten minutes to think what title should I use for this cover. I picked the middle one indicated the improvement of the local stock as the title. All of stamps on this cover were issued during 1973 to 1983. Thank you, Lida for this special cover.

2010.7.30. Brazil - Maringa

Nice cover and postcard from Ivoti, Brazil. Thank you, Marco.


2010.7.26. India - Aerogramme

An aerogramme from India. There are no new issue of this kind of postal stationery in Taiwan during last ten years. Thank you, Dr. Krishnamurthy.

2010.7.26. Turkey - Cover Arts

Two covers from Izmir, Turkey. Thank you, Mr. Demir.

2010.7.26. Monaco - Oceanographic museum centenary

Cover from Monaco. Two stamps were from a mini-sheet for the Oceanographic museum centenary. Thank you, Jean-Pierre.

2010.7.26. Japan - Kousa Dogwood

Cover from Nagoya, Japan. Two stamps were issued in 5.6.2009. Thank you, Minoru.

2010.7.26. Indonesia - Traditional Foods

Two FDCs from Indonesia. Which dish is your favorite? Thank you, Hidayat.