2011.10.25. Czech - Posters

Cover form Czech. Thank you, Dr. Radim.

2011.10.25. Malaysia - Post Boxes

Cover form Malaysia. Thank you, Nurul.

2011.10.25. Belgium - Architectures

Cover from Belgium. Thank you, Holger.

2011.10.25. Estonia - Gustav Ernesaks

Gustav Ernesaks was born on 12 December 1908 at Perila near Tallinn. After graduating from the Tallinn Conservatoire in 1931 he worked for a longer period as teacher of music and in 1944-72 as lecturer at the Tallinn State Conservatoire (Professor since 1945). He conducted several choirs and in 1944 called into existence the celebrated State Academic Male Choir (RAM), serving as its chief conductor until 1975 and as its artistic director up to the end of his days. Being one of the main organizers and general conductor of all-Estonian choral music festivals from 1947 to 1995, he made a significant contribution to the preservation of the Estonian national spirit and identity in conditions of Soviet ideological pressure. As a result he was often lovingly referred to as Laulutaat, the Old Man of Song. Gustav Ernesaks was also a prolific composer with nearly 300 choral songs, solo pieces, songs for children, five operas and other works to his credit. The choral song, My Fatherland you are my love, became the unofficial anthem of the nation. Ernesaks's music is lyrical, melodious, often with humorous turns, and relies largely on the Estonian musical tradition. Gustav Ernesaks was highly esteemed even in the Soviet period, as confirmed by numerous prizes and honorary titles bestowed on him. Gustav Ernesaks died on 24 January 1993 in Tallinn. Thank you for this cover, Heidi.

2011.10.25. Germany - 100 years of ELBTUNNEL

Castle Church of Biertan, Series "World Heritage Site by UNESCO," Joint issue with Romania.

Three covers from Germany with stamps which were issued in 15-Sep-2011. Thank you, Martin.

2011.10.25. Greece - Chania

Cover and postcard from Chania, Greece. Thank you, Spyros.


2011.10.25. Hong Kong - 150 years of water supply

Cover form Hong Kong with two stamps which were issued in 2001 to celebrate 150 years of water supply. Thank you, Alan.

2011.10.21. Malaysia - Post Boxes

Two FDCs from Ipoh, Malaysia depict different post boxes. Thank you, KKKhor.

2011.10.21. China - National flag

Cover from China with a special pictorial postal mark to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Xinhai revolution. Thank you, Wu.


2011.10.19. Malaysia - Post Boxes

Three beautiful FDCs from Malaysia. Thank you, KSL and newrules.

2011.10.19. Hong Kong - Centenary of Xinhai revolution

Two FDCs from Hong Kong to celebrate the centenary of Xinhai revolution. Thank you, Edward and Brian.

2011.10.19. Estonia - Heinrich Mark

FDC from Estonia. Thank you, Pirjo.

2011.10.19. Liechtenstein - Birds

Cover from Liechtenstein with two WWF stamps depict two kind of birds. Thank you, Vural.

2011.10.19. Japan - International letter writing week 2011

Cover from Japan. Thank you, Minoru.

2011.10.14. China - Ancient jade crafts

Cover from China. Thank you, Wu.


2011.10.14. Taiwan - ROCUPEX 2011 Taipei

Cover from Taipei temporary post office with souvenir postage meter label.

2011.10.14. China - Ancient paint, eighty-seven deities

Official FDC. (silk envelope).
Cover from China. Two stamps were on a page from a booklet that with six stamps. Thank you, Wu.

2011.10.14. U.A.E. - Falcons

Cover from Dubai with four different kind of falcons. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2011.10.14. Japan - Artistic gymnastics world championships Tokyo 2011

Cover from Japan. The 80 Yen stamp was issued to celebrate the rtistic gymnastics world championships Tokyo 2011. Thank you, Minoru.

2011.10.14. Hong Kong - Centenary of Xinhai Revolution

Two FDCs from Hong Kong in celebrating the centenary of Xinhai revolution. Thank you, Alan.


2011.10.14. Oatar - Aga Khan Award of Architecture 2010

A big hotel envelope from Qatar. The souvenir sheet presents a beautiful architecture that got the award in 2010. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2011.10.14. Mauritius - In World Heritage

Cover from Mauritius. Stamps present you two world heritages in Mauritius. Thank you, David.


2011.10.7. Oman and China

Cover from China. Thank you, WU.
This cover was from Oman with three stamps about tourism and beautiful craft knife and also my first cover from this country. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2011.10.4. Japan and Lativia.

Commemorating the 66th national sports festival. Thank you, Minoru.
Covers from Latvia. Thank you, Oleg.


2011.9.29. Sweden - Horse Riding

Cover from Sweden with two beautiful horse riding stamps. Thank you, Milthon.

2011.9.29. Canada - Methods of mail delivery

Cover from Canada. On the right stamps depict the role of mail delivery in the development of Canada. Thank you, Maryam.

2011.9.29. Japan - PhilaNippon 2011

Registered cover from Japan.Thank you, Minoru.

2011.9.29. Mauritius - 100th anniversary of Medine sugar estate

 Cover from Mauritius. The Rs25 stamp was to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Medine Sugar Estate. Thank you, David.

2011.9.29. Malaysia - Treasures of the Nation's visual arts

FDC from Malaysia presents some fine visual arts. Thank you, KKKhor.

2011.9.29. New Caledonia - XIVth Pacific Games

Cover from New Caledonia. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2011.9.27. U.K. - First U.K. aerial post

Cover from U.K. with a mini-sheet depicts the first aerial post in U.K in 1911. Thank you, Hide.

2011.9.27. TAAF - Martin de Vivies and Sea Elephant

 Two materials from T.A.A.F. sent by Jean Pierre that arrived in the same day.
This cover was from Martin de Vivies and arrived in 27.Sep.2011. The stamp shows the base in Amsterdam Island.

This postcard was from Port Aux Francais and arrived in 27.Sep.2011, too. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2011.9.27. Cuba - Che Guevara

Aerogramme from Cuba presented Che Guevera visited African in 1964. Thank you, Mr. Hernandez.


2011.9.22. T.A.A.F - Whales

Cover from Alfred Faure, Crozet island with two whale stamps. This cover was sent in 30.3.2011 and arrived in Taipei in 22.9.2011, spent almost six months. Thank you, Jean Pierre.

2011.9.22. Estonia - Friedrich Karl Akel

FDC from Estonia to commemorate Friedrich Karl Akel. Thank you, Pirjo.

2011.9.22. Estonia - St Margharet’s of Karuse

FDC from Estonia. St Margaret's of Karuse was built in the third quarter of the 13th century as a fortified church next to a trade route passing from Saaremaa to North Estonia. It is one of the oldest West-Estonian churches. Master of the Order Otto von Luttenberg, who fell in a battle against the Lithuanians on the Suur väin (Moon Sund) ice near Karuse in 1270, is believed to have been the builder of the church and is probably buried in it. St Margaret's of Karuse is a nave-only church with Romance and early Gothic influences. Its oldest part is the choir, which is narrower and lower than the rest of the building. The interior features a Baroque pulpit by the famous German woodcarver, Christian Ackermann (1697), a 16th century chandelier and a late 18th century altar. The altarpiece is an 1888 copy of an Albert Dürer's motif by B. Baggern. There are some 13th century grave slabs and stone crosses in the churchyard.Thank you, Pirjo.