New FDC and covers

FDC from Turkey. Thank you, Mr. Demir.
Cover from Ukraine. Thank you, Mr. Linchevsky.
A LCC member sent me this registered letter from Austria. Thank you, Dr.Thaler.
Cover from Brazil with 2 recent new issue stamps. Thank you, Rafael.
LCC cover from India. Thank you.
Cover from France. Thank you Alfredo.
FDC from Estonia. Alexander Church of Narva, 125th anniversary. Thank you, Pirjo.
Orchid cover sent form Thailand. This set was issued in 2009-6-5. Thank you, Terdsak.

Nice cover and postcard from Wallis and Futuna

Cover and postcard from Wallis and Futuna. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.


Heritage monuments preservation by INTACH

Cover from Brazil sent by LCC menber. Thank you, Daniel.
Le château du Taureau et l'île Louët. Lighthouse Island Louet is a flagship on the island Louët at the heart of the Bay of Morlaix. It is situated on a rock near the castle of the Taurus.
Cover and postcard from France. Thank you, Mr. Maleret.
The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) is a non-profit membership organization, was set up in 1984 to protect and covserve India's vast natural and cultural heritage. This cover was sent by Nayak., thank you.


Fresh fruits from Mayotte and some nice covers

Cover from Turkey. Thank you, Mr. Ahmet.
Cover from Vatican, my first one from there. Thank you.
Registered cover from India. Thank you, Dr.P.G.K.
Fresh fruit from Mayotte, enjoy it. Thank you, Mr.Maleret.


Cover from Syria and Italy

Cover from NCC friend. Thanks, Bardo.

Cover from Italy. Thanks, Luca.
Cover and postcard from Syria. Thank you, Maan.


New International Polar Year cover coming from Japan

New International Polar Year issues from Japn. Thank you Hide sent me this great FDC.

New postcard from Belize and some amazing covers

This cover sent from Germany. Two special Chinese stamps on it cause sender wrote unclear box number, the left stamp present " Please notify sender to write the correct box number!", and the small one present " Try ????? box number!". Interesting cover. Thank you, Gabis.

A LCC member sent me this cover from Sorocaba, Brazil. Thank you.
Belize, a country in Central America. Thank you Jean Pierre sent me such beautiful postcard.


Philatelic RR from friends

Cover from Turkey. Thanks Vural.
Cover from Thailand. I couldn't find any information about this stamp. Maybe it needs more time to find out. Anyway, thanks Terdsak.
Animal cover RR from Malaysia. Thank you, newrule.

Handmade cover RR from Germany and Netherland. Thanks Gabis and Jetske.

Postage due cover from Hong Kong

New express FDC from Hong Kong. This cover has a special machine postal cancellation on its back, the green one. This cancellation use to see in domestic prompt letter and it was my first one from overseas letter. Thanks Edward for sending me this interesting cover.
A friend sent me this cover affixed Taiwan stamp from Hong Hong then it arrived to Taiwan with a "T 240/230" mark. When I went to post office to get this cover, post office's staff did not ask me to pay the postage due. It's not very often to see this mark on my letters. So, I insisted to pay the postage due not only because I want to collect this unusual cover, but also I am a honest person. After some work, finally got this cover with correct postage due stamps on it.


Cover and postcard from Mayotte and some other countries

Cover from Israel. Thank you, Mr. Shabtay.
Kunt, when it was 6 month old. Cover was sent by Gabis, thank you.
Cover from Germany. The middle stamp features the famous Polar Bear "Knut".
Postcard from SPM, too. Affixed 5 SPM definitive postage stamps.

Cover and postcard from SPM (Saint Pierre & Miquelon), as I introduced before. Very beautiful stamps on this cover.

Postcard and one postage-paid envelope added another stamp from Mayotte. Thank you, Mr.Maleret.